Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 305

Jiang Ning’s words are so overbearing!
Lin Yuzhen was a little dazed. He heard what he meant, and said with red eyes, “You still want to agree?”
She pursed her lips, being so scared for the first time.
“Trust me.”
Jiang Ning grabbed Lin Yuzhen’s hand.
He could feel that Lin Yu really cared about himself, cared about himself, and worried about himself.
If it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t want to pay attention to Ye Xinhuo’s provocation at all.
But this time, he must go on, not only that, but also take this opportunity to completely start the prestige of the forbidden area in the East China Sea!
Lin Yu really looked at Jiang Ning, without speaking for a long time.
In the end, she nodded.
She had seen Jiang Ning’s strength and knew that Jiang Ning would never do anything unsure.
Even if she is worried, she should trust Jiang Ning, right?
“I’m done.”
Lin Yuzhen’s voice was still very small, slightly hoarse, but there was a sense of determination.
“Did you think about it?”
“I will call your husband later at home.”
Lin Yu said seriously.

Everyone thought that Jiang Ning would definitely not accept it, and would even seize the time to escape from the East China Sea.
After all, compared with Ye Xinhuo, Jiang Ning has no reputation at all, and it is impossible to be Ye Xinhuo’s opponent.
Jiang Ning dare to promise, that is to die!
But Jiang Ning agreed!
This is like a blockbuster bomb that detonated in an instant.
“Jiang Ning has taken the challenge book? He wants to die!”
“He’s looking for death! Something overwhelming!”
“That’s Ye Xinhuo, is it possible that he thinks he is better than Can Jian?”
“Dead, Jiang Ning is dead, hahahaha!”
For a time, almost everyone decided that Jiang Ning would definitely die.
Some people also understood that Jiang Ning had to go next. If he didn’t pick up, the name of the East China Sea Forbidden Land would instantly fall apart.
Not to mention that you still want to control the Tianhai Provincial City. Whether you can keep the East China Sea is a question.
Jiang Ning had to pick it up, even if he died, he had to do it.
But the result is doomed, Jiang Ning will die in the hands of Ye Xinhuo!
There are more and more people watching the excitement in the north, and more and more people start to deploy operations secretly.
Once Jiang Ning died, the Tianhai Underground Circle once again became a thing of no owner.
It is no longer so easy for Luo Family to regain control of the entire Tianhai Provincial City, because such a big cake is naturally to be shared.
To swallow it alone is not a good behavior.
The tense atmosphere suddenly rose.
When Ye Xinhuo heard Jiang Ning’s agreement, he just sneered and said something disdainfully, ten days later, he would take his life!
And in the East China Sea!
Except for Lin Yuzhen, no one was nervous.
Brother Gou and others were so calm that they couldn’t be calmer, as if nothing happened at all.
Even the statutes were worried, and the one who came to challenge was Ye Xinhuo!
He is the horror master who killed the broken sword!
“Brother Dog, did Mr. Jiang really take the challenge?”
The bylaws couldn’t help asking Brother Dog, his face was full of worry, “Will it be too impulsive?”
Brother Gou’s eyes widened, “Kill an old thing, what’s impulsive.”
“That’s Ye Xinhuo!”
“Ye Xinhuo?”
Brother Gou’s eyes widened, “Is it amazing?”
The bylaws didn’t know what to say, his Adam’s apple moved, and he nodded.
“No matter how good it is, can my elder brother be as good as me? Hmph, I will die by myself. If my elder brother can’t help him, it’s not too shameful.
Brother Gou didn’t care at all, and took other people to continue training.
He doesn’t care about this, he only knows that no one in this world can be stronger than Jiang Ning, and he knows better that his duty is not to care about these boring things.
Their duty is to keep getting stronger and to be able to always be qualified to follow Jiangning and protect the city of the East China Sea!
Ten days later, it will be the day of the decisive battle!

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