Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 308

Hearing this, Ye Xinhuo’s face changed, and his anger instantly surged into his eyebrows.
“You are looking for death! You dare to provoke Senior Ye! Jiang Ning, you are too arrogant!”
“Senior Ye, kill him! Kill this crazy guy!”
“kill him!”
A group of people yelled and couldn’t wait long ago.
Jiang Ning glanced at them, with cold eyes, that the group of people suddenly became a little nervous, and they didn’t dare to speak.
They still dare not provoke Jiang Ning.
If you want to vent, you can only wait for Jiang Ning to become a corpse.
“Stop talking nonsense, it’s time, let’s do it!”
Ye Xinhuo raised his hand, “As a senior, I can let you three tricks!”
To provoke the Luo family is the worst decision you Jiang Ning has made in this life. Today is your death date. Even if you have three tricks, you will still die!
“Let me do three tricks?”
Jiang Ning’s eyes suddenly shrank, and she sneered, “If you can take my punch, even if I lose!”
Ye Xinhuo was furious, he wanted to humiliate Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning instead humiliated him!
It’s not enough to humiliate the Luo family, and Ye Kuang is not enough, but Jiang Ning still wants to humiliate herself?
Take his punch? Ye Xinhuo wanted to see where Jiang Ning’s punch could go!
“Crazy kid, come on!”
Ye Xinhuo roared.
The corner of Jiang Ning’s mouth raised, and he suddenly moved——
The ground sank suddenly, the dust rolled away, and the terrible force made the ground tremble.
Brother Gou and the others, standing not far away, were attentive one by one, not daring to be distracted at all.
Is Jiang Ning going to explode his true strength today!
This kind of opportunity is not always there, they don’t want to miss it!
When Jiang Ning moved, Ye Xinhuo’s expression changed.
With this terrifying power alone, he knew that Jiang Ning was not easy.
But he had already agreed, and after receiving Jiang Ning’s punch, could he still repent in front of so many people?
Jiangning is too fast!
But at a distance of five steps, only the sound of three steps on the ground was heard in the air, one step at a time, one step at a time, one step faster than one step, so fast that only one afterimage could be seen, and it was instantly passed by——
Ye Xinhuo’s pupils shrank suddenly!
“So strong!”
He roared in his heart.
Jiang Ning punched!
That punch came to Ye Xinhuo almost instantly, Jiang Ning’s thighs were like an old tree rooted in the soil!
The terrifying power from the bottom plate, from under the hips to the top, and then through the abdomen core, is transmitted to his shoulders, arms, and fists!
“too fast!”
Brother Gou exclaimed, none of them saw it!
This punch came out!
A series of bursts of gas shook people’s eardrums as if they had been punctured, and many people hurriedly covered their ears.
Everything is between electric light and flint.
Punch! Still a punch!
It’s too fast to defend!
In the rolling sand, only one figure flew out and hit the ground heavily, vomiting blood and coughing violently.
His chest sank deeply, and he didn’t know how many bones he had broken. The cyan robe on his body had been stained red with blood!
The sea breeze raged, quickly blowing away the sand and dust.
When he saw Ye Xinhuo, who fell on the ground, his face was full of horror, the bloodless Ye Xinhuo, everyone was quiet.
Don’t even dare to gasp!
Their faces are full of disbelief, more fear, horror, as if they have seen something terrible.
This… this is impossible!
This is absolutely impossible!
How could Ye Xinhuo be unable to even catch Jiang Ning’s punch?
This is impossible!
“You are… you are…!”
Ye Xinhuo’s eyes widened, and he wanted to lift his finger Jiang Ning, but he couldn’t lift it up all the time. The fear in those eyes couldn’t hide at all.

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