Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 310

Several people have already begun to fall into trouble.
Jiang Ning glanced at them, his face was full of disdain, this kind of little ant, he didn’t care about it at all.
But since we are here in Tianhai, we don’t take a layer of skin, it will damage the majesty of the forbidden land in the East China Sea!
Brother Gou and others shouted in unison.
“Everyone, break a leg as a warning.”
Brother Gou and others responded.
Hearing that they only interrupted a leg and did not ask for their names, a group of people finally breathed a sigh of relief, and kowtowed in thanks.
“Thank you, Mr. Jiang! Thank you, Mr. Jiang!”
“Mr. Jiang has a lot, thank you! Thank you!”
I have to say thank you to being knocked off my leg. Others around me have never seen such a scene in my life.
Jiang Ning said nothing, and turned to leave.
On the island, only the body of Ye Xinhuo was left, there were a group of spectators who were so shocked, and people who lined up, waiting to be broken by the dog…
The news that Ye Xinhuo was killed by Jiang Ning’s punch soon spread.
The prestige of the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea is even more amazing!
In the provincial capital, some people who were preparing to act, heard the news and did not hesitate to buy a ticket to flee Tianhai.
Who would dare to keep this kind of whirlpool?
Staying is a dead end!
The four words forbidden land in the East China Sea rang loudly after stepping on Ye Xinhuo’s corpse. Who would dare to question?
Zhou Hua, who offended the East China Sea, disappeared overnight without a trace, and attacked the Lu Family in the East China Sea. All three brothers died under Jiang Ning’s hands. Now, Ye Xinhuo, a famous martial arts master in the north, rumored and entered the realm of a master. Master.
Was killed by Jiang Ning with a punch!
The East China Sea is forbidden!
Jiangning is the king of the forbidden land in the East China Sea!
The north shook.
Everyone who tried to enter the sea of ​​heaven did not dare to have any illusions at this moment.
Some people were even afraid after a while, if they stretched out their hands faster, they might be the ones who died at this moment.
Especially Luo family.
Luo Yongqian sat in the hall, his whole person like a stone sculpture, and he was silent for half an hour without speaking.
He has been denying in his heart, it is impossible, it is impossible!
This is absolutely impossible!
How could Ye Xinhuo die?
And it was killed by a punch!
This is absolutely impossible!
Is that Jiang Ning many times more terrifying than Ye Xinhuo? This is impossible!
The housekeeper of the Luo family arched his hands and saw that Luo Yongqian had been in a daze for a long time, so he could only speak, “The news is confirmed, Lord Ye, he is dead.”
Luo Yonggan’s fingers trembled, he raised his head suddenly, and opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say for a while.
He Luo Family, this time was completely pressed to the ground.
He knew very well that Tian Hai would never have a relationship with his Luo family again.
This is like a dream. In less than a month, his Luo family has suffered such a heavy loss.
Now that Ye Xinhuo is dead, how can he compete with other families?
He seemed to have seen that other families took the opportunity to cannibalize the Taluo family’s property and squeeze the Taluo family out of the north…
In the cruel north, the Luo family’s decline became doomed.
“Master Ye’s corpse…” the butler asked, “how do I bring it back?”
Luo Yongqian couldn’t speak anymore, his pale face was completely bloodless, he just waved his hand and let the butler arrange it himself. He was weak, as if his soul had been drained.
“How could this…how could it become like this.”
He couldn’t understand it, and it was even more difficult to accept.
Jiang Ning’s punch smashed Ye Xinhuo to death, and even smashed him to the Luo family…

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