Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 311

Jiang Ning didn’t deliberately embarrass Ye Xinhuo’s corpse. The Luo family came to take it away, but he didn’t stop it at all.
There was only Ye Xinhuo and the Luo family alone. Jiang Ning didn’t pay attention to it from beginning to end.
In just one day, those who had penetrated into Tianhai disappeared again, and none of them dared to stay in Tianhai.
Everyone knows that in a short period of time, people in the north want to get involved in the Tianhai underground circle, that is simply a dream!
Having missed the opportunity of Luo Family to regain control of Tianhai Provincial City, they could only think of other ways, and even wait for the next opportunity.
Because there is a king, an extremely powerful king!
Nearly ten families with large northern surnames wanted to compete for the underground circle of Tianhai Provincial City. They came with ambition, but they returned in embarrassment.
Everyone was in a tacit understanding, and they were reluctant to talk about such embarrassing things, especially the name Jiang Ning, and no one mentioned it.
They only silently remember in their hearts that there is such a person, which makes people jealous.
Tianhai Provincial City, once again returned to calm and calm.
The development of the Lin Group in the provincial capital is very smooth, Lin Yu really straightened out several projects thoroughly, and the whole person is in a very good mood.
Her goal is not to seize all the markets, but to make the market bigger!
She is not trying to let others have no food, but to let more people eat.
At the beginning, those opponents in the same field were worried about Lin’s rise.
But when they heard what Lin Yuzhen said in person, they were really moved and didn’t know what to say.
No one has ever been so kind and generous like Lin Yu!
There is such a big pattern!
When he returned to Donghai’s house, Lin Yuzhen relaxed himself.
I took a bath beautifully, smelling all over, put on cotton pink pajamas, and leaned on the sofa to watch TV.
Jiang Ning leaned forward and sniffed.
“Wife, you smell so good.”
Lin Yuzhen blushed and turned around and took a look. Lin Wen and Su Mei were both busy in the kitchen.
“Speak down!”
She put her index finger in front of her pink lips, “How embarrassed to be heard by parents!”
She moved her body and kept a distance of one meter from Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning’s feet were a little bit, and she leaned against Lin Yuzhen again.
She won’t move anymore, Jiang Ning is too thick-skinned!
“My parents won’t care.”
Jiang Ning didn’t care at all.
His wife, he can’t molest him yet?
“time to eat!”
Su Mei yelled, and went one after another with Lin Wen, and brought out the dishes that had just been cooked.
“Today I learned a new dish, Jiangning, come and try it.”
Jiang Ning bounced like a cat instantly, rushed to the table, sniffed hard, and directly gave a thumbs up.
“Mom, did you hide your gold chef certificate!”
He did not hesitate to praise, “It’s so fragrant, I don’t need to taste it to know it, it must be delicious!”
“Just you will coax me!”
Su Mei blushed and sighed, “Go and wash your hands!”
She turned her head again: “Yuzhen, you serve Jiangning rice.”
Lin Yu really pouted.
She became more and more suspicious that Jiang Ning was Su Mei’s own son.
She has nowhere to say her grievances.
“Jiangning, eat more vegetables, you are a bit thinner, depending on your recent hard work.”
“Come on, let’s go together!”
Lin Yuzhen watched Su Mei keep picking up vegetables for Jiangning. Lin Wen couldn’t help drinking and chatting with Jiangning, feeling even more aggrieved.
Your biological daughter is here!
I work harder, okay!
She is busy every day, busy on and off, Jiang Ning is not eating snacks and tea in her office, or bathing in hot springs and saunas in other places.

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