Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 313

Hearing this, Lin Wen suddenly coughed violently, his face flushed!
Be a grandpa?
He really thought about it!
I just didn’t expect that Jiang Ning, this kid, was thinking about it too?
“Husband, did you secretly smoke again? I’ll check it later!”
Before Lin Wen could speak, Su Mei’s voice came from the kitchen.
Women have one characteristic, their ears are particularly pointed, as long as their husbands do anything secretly, they will feel it.
Lin Wen did not dare to delay, waved his hand, ignoring so much, and hurried into the bathroom to brush his teeth, so as not to be driven out to sleep on the sofa at night.
Jiang Ning couldn’t help being amused.
Chairman Lin, who was a wise and wise man, was easily suppressed by Su Mei at home.
He can’t be such a man in the future.
“Jiangning? Did you smoke too?”
Jiang Ning cursed inwardly, not daring to talk nonsense, and ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
at night.
in the room.
It feels so warm after putting on a big quilt.
Jiang Ning shrank in the quilt, there was still a distance of 20 centimeters from Lin Yuzhen. This girl was clearly not cold, but she was shrunk.
“Wife, are you cold?”
“not cold.”
Lin Yuzhen turned his back to Jiang Ning and said softly.
“Why are you shrinking when it’s not cold?”
“I am cold.”
Lin Yuzhen said again.
Just now in the kitchen, Su Mei told her that if the quilt is changed to a larger one, it won’t be cold when two people sleep together.
He also said that the man’s body is hot, if it is really cold, he can hug and sleep together!
Is that your mother!
There is a hint of worry in Jiang Ning’s voice, “The husband is holding you to sleep.”
Before Lin Yuzhen could react, Jiang Ning moved and leaned forward, gently holding Lin Yuzhen, and directly hugged her into his arms!
Lin Yu was really like a little cat, she didn’t dare to move!
A rush of heat rushed in instantly. This is what Su Mei said, men are all hot?
It’s so hot!
Lin Yuzhen didn’t dare to move, her body became slightly stiff.
She could feel that she was shrinking in Jiang Ning’s arms!
“Don’t worry, I will just hold you so that it won’t be cold anymore and go to sleep.”
Jiang Ning said softly.
Lin Yu really bit her lip and didn’t dare to speak.
She remembered the whispers that Su Yun had secretly told herself, men were all in this way. First they said that they just hold and never move their hands, then they move their hands, saying that they will never kiss, and then…
Jiang Ning really started this routine!
Suddenly she was a little nervous, and a little scared, and deep down in her heart, she was still a little expectant!
Can’t wait for her to struggle, and Jiang Ning’s even breathing sounded in her ear.
This guy, really just hugged him, he fell asleep?
He really fell asleep!
Lin Yuzhen snorted softly, “Is this lady so unattractive? Humph.”
She didn’t dared to wake Jiang Ning, lest someone suddenly became wild and shrank into Jiang Ning’s arms, and soon fell asleep.

No words for a night.
Still a wonderful morning, delicious breakfast.
After eating, Jiang Ning sent Lin Yuzhen to the company.
Lin Wen convened the board of directors and announced that from then on, he would sit in the East China Sea and control the headquarters of the Lin Group, while Lin Yuzhen was responsible for the Lin Group to expand the market.
This is to make Lin Yuzhen become Lin’s general who breaks the ground!
Lin Wen thought about what Jiang Ning said last night.
Lin Yu is really a competitor, really is too strong, not only Jiang Ning wants to train Lin Yuzhen, but the father himself, he must also work hard to earn a generous dowry for his daughter!

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