Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 319

Your own driver was beaten?
His Yang family was beaten by someone?
Even if it is his Yang family’s dog, hitting the dog depends on the owner, who dares to do it.
“Useless things.”
Yang Luolin lowered his voice and snorted coldly, “It’s all embarrassing to me.”
The driver dared not refute, lowered his head, depressed and helpless.
Even if he was beaten up, and even scolded by Yang Shao, he became more and more annoyed.
“Who hit it?”
He just waited for Yang Luolin to ask.
The driver quickly raised his head and looked at Jiang Ning who was walking towards the gate. He gritted his teeth and said, “It’s the man who almost ran into the young master’s car and hit someone!”
Yang Luolin turned his head and looked around, and frowned when he saw Jiang Ning coming.
Jiang Ning is dressed in ordinary clothes, and he is not handsome, but he is a person of the same level as his own driver. This kind of person would dare to offend his Yang family?
“Young Master!”
As he was thinking about things, a potbellied man walked out at the door, saw Yang Luolin, quickly speeded up his pace, stretched out his hands, and held Yang Luolin together.
“Young Master Yang, why are you at the door! I heard you say you were standing at the door, so I hurried out to pick you up!”
Feihou is the boss of the provincial capital, and he is considered to be an older generation in this industry.
After Lin Yuzhen entered the provincial capital, he made drastic reforms and said that he wanted to expand the market. He never believed that. After all, the most important thing for a businessman is profit. If there is no profit, who will do it?
At this exchange reception, he was very close to his colleagues from other provinces, especially Yang Luolin, who was his focus.
“President Fei is polite, I forgot the invitation letter in the car, and I will wait for the driver to deliver it.”
Yang Luolin smiled, “How can I enter such a high-standard exchange meeting without an invitation letter.”
“Where is it, it’s for others, Young Master, you are the signboard, you don’t need an invitation letter.”
Feihou stretched out his hand and made a gesture of invitation, and said with a smile, “Young Master Yang, please, Mr. Lin has already arrived.”
Hearing Lin Yu’s arrival, Yang Shaolong’s eyes flashed with greed, but it was fleeting.
He was about to take a step, seeing that Jiang Ning had reached the door, he was about to step in, frowning suddenly.
“Zong Fei, is this person who doesn’t need an invitation letter?”
When Fei heard this, he turned his head and looked around. Seeing that Jiang Ning was about to walk in, he hurriedly called for someone to stop.
“and many more!”
He had never seen Jiang Ning, and he was not even qualified to see Jiang Ning, otherwise he would give him a hundred courage, and he would not dare to stop Jiang Ning.
But at this moment, Yang Luolin spoke. Of course he wanted to give Yang Luolin face.
Hearing someone calling himself, Jiang Ning turned his head: “What’s the matter?”
“Which company are you from? What about the invitation letter? I don’t know that today is a cocktail party. Can’t you enter without an invitation letter?”
Fei Hou looked aloof, tilted his head slightly, and squinted at Jiang Ning, “If you have an invitation letter, go to register, do you have one?”
Jiangning Road.
Yang Luolin couldn’t help being a little amused. He guessed in his mind that this guy must be the driver of someone’s family. He didn’t have the owner to bring him in, so he still wanted to go in?
The driver standing behind Yang Luolin was also somewhat proud. He gave Jiang Ning a cold look, his face was full of schadenfreude.
“Want to go in without you?”
After hearing this, Fei immediately said impatiently, “Go away, this is not a place for you to go in.”
After that, he didn’t want to bother about Jiang Ning anymore. Any cat or dog would want to go in, so anyone could go in at this reception?
He turned his head and looked at Yang Luolin: “Young Master Yang, let’s go in.”
“Then my driver?”
Yang Luolin said deliberately.
While talking, watching Jiang Ning.
His drivers can get in, but Jiang Ning just can’t.

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