Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 323

The music at the venue seemed to stop for an instant, and Yang Luolin couldn’t believe it.
Was he rejected?
He took the initiative to speak, but Lin Yuzhen refused, and in the presence of so many people, rejected himself,
Don’t even want to clink glasses with yourself or take a drink?
Around, there are many people who pay attention to themselves, and almost all of them have seen this scene. Yang Luolin suddenly felt a hot pain on his face.
Like being slapped!
But after a while, he recovered, still keeping a faint smile on his face, turned his head to look at Lin Yuzhen, and walked towards Jiang Ning.
The light and windy appearance, as if nothing happened, still looked personable.
But a trace of anger flashed in Yang Luolin’s eyes, but he couldn’t hide it.
He pretended not to care, walked to the other girl and handed her the wine. Suddenly, the girl became excited and thought he was dreaming.
“How can a beautiful woman have no wine in her hand?”
Yang Luolin resolved his embarrassment, gave the wine glass in his hand, and gently touched the girl before turning around and leaving calmly.
And the girl, as if in a dream, almost couldn’t bear to scream in excitement.
Yang Luolin took the initiative to meet her for a drink!
She couldn’t help sharing it with her companions!
But Yang Luolin walked aside, seemingly careless, but his eyes were looking at Lin Yuzhen.
Lin Yuzhen walked up to Jiang Ning and deliberately snorted, “Why are you hiding?”
“Eat something.”
Jiang Ning looked up and glanced at Lin Yu, “I’m hungry.”
Lin Yu really couldn’t laugh or cry for a while.
On this occasion, everyone is drinking, chatting, and making friends, but few people will put their minds on these foods, Jiang Ning is really different.
That’s right, there are no people here who can make Jiang Ning interested in making friends.
If it were not for protecting herself, Jiang Ning would be willing to come.
“Then you stay here, don’t go far, I want to see you.”
Lin Yuzhen blushed slightly.
She was always a little nervous when she didn’t see Jiang Ning.
Lin Yuzhen rarely appeared on such occasions before, and did not have much experience. Now that the Lin Group wants to develop, she is even a general of Lin’s cracking territory. In the future, such occasions will only be more or less.
As long as Jiang Ning is with her, she won’t be afraid.
Jiang Ning nodded, obeying orders, and deliberately said respectfully, “Yes, President Lin.”
Seeing Jiang Ning’s serious appearance, Lin Yu really wanted to laugh, but still endured, lowered his voice and said, “That glutinous rice ball is delicious, I just ate one secretly!”
After speaking, she turned and left to greet other guests.
From a distance, Lin Yu really turned his back to Yang Luolin. He didn’t see the playfulness on Lin Yuzhen’s face deliberately. He only saw Jiang Ning nodding solemnly. He knew Jiang Ning’s identity all at once.
“It turned out to be Lin Yu’s real driver. No wonder, even my people dared to fight.”
He thought Jiang Ning was someone before, but he knew that Jiang Ning was just a driver. Now that Lin Yuzhen explained things in the past and Jiang Ning’s respectful appearance, he could be sure that he was Lin Yu’s real driver.
Humph, can a driver compare to himself?
Lin Yu really doesn’t drink his own wine. I am afraid that he has to confess to the driver in an urgent matter. Otherwise, how could he save his face?
Thinking of this, Yang Luolin felt a little more comfortable.
“Since Lin Yu is the real driver, then I will spare your life.”
He glanced at Jiang Ning, and originally planned to teach Jiang Ning severely, but because of Lin Yu’s real face, he could be let go.
After all, if he wants to get Lin Yuzhen in the future, I am afraid he needs to ask Jiang Ning for help.
Yang Luolin squinted his eyes, shook the red wine glass in his hand, and walked towards Jiangning.

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