Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 325

He stared at Yang Luolin, before Yang Luolin could speak, he waved his hand.
“Forget it, Young Master Yang is a person with status. If you lose, it will be too shameful, so forget it.”
Yang Luolin didn’t want to bother at all, but when Jiang Ning said this, he couldn’t help but sneer.
Will he lose?
Bet with a driver, he can lose?
“Okay, let’s take a gamble!”
Yang Luolin hummed, “If you lose, eat all these pastries!”
There were three or five people on the plate, enough to eat.
Jiang Ning nodded: “Being a human is to be willing to bet and lose.”
Yang Luolin glanced at Jiang Ning, then looked at Jiang Ning’s stomach, snorted coldly, and put down the wine glass.
Immediately, he walked directly towards Lin Yuzhen.
“Young Master, can I ask you to do a dance?”
Before Yang Luolin came to Lin Yuzhen, women along the way invited Yang Luolin to dance, but he refused.
I am so popular and my own charm has never needed proof for so many years.
Even someone who was better than Lin Yuzhen and had a higher status had never rejected him. Yang Luolin didn’t think he would lose a bet.
“A little driver, still want to put on a pose in front of me?”
Yang Luolin sneered, “You will know what the gap is!”
Lin Yuzhen was standing there. There were just a few people who wanted to invite her to dance, but when they saw Yang Luolin walking by, they all walked away consciously.
They are very self-aware, knowing that they are not comparable to Yang Luolin.
Still not in the past to take humiliation.
“Yu Zhen?”
This time, Yang Luolin called out his name directly.
His face is full of smiles, and that handsome face looks like the sunshine of March, warm and charming.
“Mr. Yang.”
Lin Yuzhen nodded slightly and called Yang Luolin his name directly, seemingly uncomfortable.
“Can I invite you to a dance?”
Yang Luolin put one hand behind him, and the other hand stretched out, making a gesture of asking.
Gentleman, and elegant.
The people around looked at Lin Yuzhen’s eyes, and they became more envious.
Even if the Lin Group is developing extremely fast now, it is still far behind the Jianzhou giant Yang Family.
Yang Luolin showed good wishes several times, what does this mean?
It means that he has a very good impression of Lin Yu!
This kind of opportunity, changing to another family, I’m afraid I’m already thinking about sending my daughter in the family.
After all, to be able to climb a big tree is a great opportunity!
Everyone is watching Lin Yu really decide.
However, Lin Yuzhen turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning, who was still sitting in the buffet area, eating food leisurely.
“Sorry, I can’t dance.”
Lin Yu laughed apologetically, “President Yang should invite others.”
Suddenly, Yang Luolin’s face was a little ugly, and his heart slammed. He was rejected?
“It’s okay, I can teach you.”
He still had a smile on his face, and said gently.
“No thanks.”
Lin Yu really shook his head, still refused.
She can’t agree, her husband is there, how can she dance with others?
Jiang Ning will be angry!
He will be jealous!
Regardless of whether he is jealous or angry, Jiang Ning in that state is very scary.
Yang Luolin’s hand stretched out, as if instantly stiff.
He was rejected!
He was really rejected!
One after another, I was really rejected by Lin Yu!
Feeling the eyes cast from around, Yang Luolin’s mind instantly surged with anger.
No one has ever dared to shame him so much!
He almost broke out, but he held it back.
If he turns his face and loses his temper because of this, his image will really be completely ruined.
“In this way, then I won’t force President Lin.”
Yang Luolin withdrew his hand, but felt a hot embarrassment on his face.
He was about to turn around and leave when suddenly, a voice came from behind him.
“My wife, I want to dance with you.”

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