Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 335

“Jiangning, who is it!”
One of them shouted coldly, “I want his legs! I want his life!”
“Which one is Lin Yu, I want to take it away!”
The voices of the two people were extremely cold, and even more overbearing.
One wants Jiang Ning’s life, and the other takes Lin Yuzhen away.
He just rushed into their office to arrest people like this. I have never seen such an arrogant person.
Several staff members, who are working attentively, are now pale and trembling with fright.
Where have they seen such a battle?
“You, who are you…”
One of the male employees was slightly more courageous, gritted his teeth, but his voice was still trembling, “Leave quickly, if you don’t leave, we will call the police!”
The eyes of the two men swept across, and a sudden murderous intent broke out, scaring the male employee as if he had been frozen, where he dared to say a word.
“Don’t want to die!”
When the two of them walked inward, they made several female employees scream in shock.
“I was really surprised. Someone dared to be here and told me to kill me.”
Behind the curtain, Jiang Ning strolled out, his face calm.
But the anger and disdain in his eyes did not hide.
He saw at a glance, these two people are mixed, and they are full of hostility. I’m afraid they have blood on their hands!
Since Tianhai Provincial City was cleaned up once, such people no longer existed. The one who appeared in front of him at this moment was undoubtedly Yang Luolin sent.
But, doesn’t he ask, who owns this provincial underground circle?
“Are you Jiang Ning?”
The two people shrank their eyes and stared at Jiang Ning at the same time, just like two poisonous snakes, staring at their prey!
They are all practicing family, and it is natural to see that Jiang Ning is a bit skillful.
But how strong it is, don’t know if you don’t fight, at least from the breath, Jiang Ning is very weak!
“Not bad.”
Jiang Ning pulled a chair and sat down, waved his hand so that all the employees stood behind, so as not to wait until they were splashed with blood.
Lin Yuzhen didn’t come out directly, Jiang Ning didn’t want her to see these things that were too violent.
“Now that I admit it, let’s take my life!”
One of them sneered, “Big Brother, I’ll kill him, you go take Lin Yuzhen away!”
The two looked at each other, and as soon as the voice fell, they had to do it!
But Jiang Ning was still sitting there, Wensi did not move.
Seeing this, the two couldn’t help but become vigilant.
Having been in the arena for a long time, being cautious is the most important thing for them to survive to this day.
Seeing that Jiang Ning was not nervous or worried, or even calm all the time, they couldn’t help but wonder if Jiang Ning had any other preparations.
However, Jiang Ning just beckoned and asked Secretary Xiao Zhao to bring him a pack of melon seeds, and immediately looked up at the two people.
“Wait, what did you just say?”
He sipped a piece of melon seeds, pointed at two people, “One, said he wanted my life?”
“One, you want to take Yuzhen away?”
Jiang Ning nodded and suddenly laughed.
“Do you want me to do it myself?”
The two were inexplicable, and didn’t know what Jiang Ning was talking about.
Why should he do it?
Did Jiang Ning think that what he could change with his hands?
He will only be beaten as a useless person and die miserably!
And Lin Yuzhen will be ravaged to death by Yang Luolin!
This is the price that the Lin Group has offended the Yang Family!
“This kind of rubbish naturally doesn’t require Big Brother to do it.”
Suddenly, there was another voice outside the door, with anger, murderousness, and a trace of disdain.

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