Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 337

He got up, turned his head and looked at Xiao Zhao and other employees, with a gentle smile on his face as usual.
“Working in the Lin Group, don’t worry about anything, no one dares to hurt you, understand?”
Xiao Zhao and others nodded repeatedly.
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he went out.
Outside the door, the scene of more than two thousand people shocked everyone.
The people on both sides of the street were stunned.
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and waved it. In a short time, more than two thousand people, like a low tide, quickly dispersed, in an orderly manner. From the moment they came and left, except for the two troublemakers, there was no impact.
At this moment, the two members of the Yang family had fallen to the ground, unable to move.
Almost all the bones on his body were broken!
Piece by piece!
Except for the eyes, he can move, besides the nose, he has a weak breath, like mud.
Jiang Ning walked over and looked down at the two people.
“How much do you young master hate you? Is this the hatred of killing your father or the hatred of taking your wife?”
He said lightly, “You two came to Tianhai Provincial City to die.”
The two people only had fear on their faces. They smiled when they saw Jiang Ning, but they were even more afraid than when they saw the devil.
But they can’t even tremble now!
Jiang Ning didn’t look at them again, this kind of garbage, there will naturally be garbage trucks to take them away.
He turned his head, and Huang Yuming immediately said, “I have found the location, do you want to do it yourself?”
The intelligence network currently operated by Steward Zhao, other places dare not say, but Tianhai is definitely a Tianluodi network, and there will be no missing information.
To find out where Yang Luolin is, it’s easy!
This Yang Luolin dared to fight Lin Yu’s real idea, it was Jiang Ning’s Ni Lin!
“Slaps, of course you have to do it yourself.”
Jiangning Road.
A few cars came, Jiang Ning and others got on the car and galloped away.
And at the moment in the office, Lin Yu is really still waiting for Jiang Ning to come back.
But I didn’t see Jiang Ning, but Xiao Zhao, the secretary, walked into the office with some ice cream in his hand.
“Where is Jiangning?”
“Brother Ning has something to go out, let me show this to President Lin.”
Xiao Zhao’s body was still a little trembling, obviously because he was too excited.
“What happened outside? Jiang Ning wouldn’t let me go out to see.”
Xiao Zhao can remember Jiang Ning’s explanation, “Brother Ning just went out and grabbed my butter melon seeds to eat.”
Lin Yu really couldn’t laugh or cry, isn’t this guy growing up?
When she heard that there was nothing wrong outside, she didn’t care, and there were still many things to deal with.

Yulong Bay Hotel.
Yang Luolin had already taken a shower and put on his nightgown, his hair was still wet, and he looked a bit cold.
The Lin Group’s partners and distributors have been controlled by him, which is tantamount to cutting off Lin’s hands and feet.
Not to mention that they want to go out of the sky and plan to the southeast region. Whether they can continue to gain a foothold in the provincial capital is a question!
“Fight with me, you are too tender!”
Yang Luolin looked at herself in the mirror and sneered, “I have never failed to get what the Yang family wants!”
The two people he sent were notoriously ruthless people in the world. They had seen blood on their hands, and they did some shameful deeds for him.
Yang Luolin felt relieved to ask them to kill Jiang Ning and bring Lin Yuzhen.
Think about it in a while, Lin Yu really will kneel under him and beg for mercy!
Yang Luolin was thinking, the door of the hotel was kicked open.

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