Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 342

“The mistakes they make should naturally be borne by them, and on what basis should you bear them.”
“But what about the low-level workers?”
Lin Yuzhen still apologized.
Jiang Ning sighed, “My wife, manpower is limited, we can only do our best, and you have done very well.”
With so many low-level workers, where does Lin Yu really sympathize?
What’s more, not everyone deserves sympathy.
These things must be clearly distinguished.
Lin Yu really nodded, as if thinking of something, the whole person instantly became energetic.
“What’s the matter, don’t eat grapes? I’ll peel them for you.”
“Stop eating.”
Lin Yuzhen got up to leave, turned his head and kissed Jiang Ning on the cheek, “Thank you husband!”
“Manpower is limited and there are not many people who can help, so I will work harder and become stronger, so that I can help more people!”
After that, Lin Yuzhen became full of fighting spirit again and ran to work excitedly.
Jiang Ning touched his face. Before he could react, he said casually to make Lin Yu so excited. He was just thinking, if I go back tonight, do I need to wash this face.
“Forget it, I still have to wash, otherwise what should I do next time I kiss my mouth, is it possible to not brush my teeth?”
Jiang Ning laughed, and threw the grapes into his mouth, feeling at ease.

At that time.
After being rejected by Lin Yuzhen, those bosses naturally couldn’t wait to die.
Without the Lin Group, which is constantly developing and growing, their future in the provincial capital is almost predictable.
They have no other choice but to continue climbing the big tree of the Yang family!
The several bosses together quickly reached an agreement and went to build a state!
This is their last way.
They immediately bought a plane ticket and rushed to Jianzhou Yang’s house without stopping.
at the same time.
The southeast region, Jianzhou.
Jianzhou is a large city in the southeastern region, where commerce is developing rapidly, and the major forces are crisscrossed. Among them, the Yang family has been entrenched here for more than 60 years. Three generations of people have a very high status in Jianzhou.
There are people in both the above-ground and underground circles, and some even secretly claim that the Yang Family is the Emperor of Jianzhou!
The Yang family’s domineering is already well-known, not only in Jianzhou, but also in the entire southeast region.
Yang’s house at this moment, in the lobby.
The old grandfather Yang Dong, with silver hair, looked gleaming. With a walking stick in his hand, he paused hard: “Where is my grandson? What about my grandson? I don’t need to call home for a few days. Isn’t it wild?”
“Dad, Luo Lin has grown up, you don’t have to worry about it.”
Yang Huang, the Patriarch of the Yang Family, who was standing on the side, smiled and said, “He was brought up by you. In the future, we, the Yang Family, will have to leave it to him. Don’t worry.”
Yang Dong snorted, pointed at Yang Huang, and scolded: “You are so embarrassed to say!”
“My son wants me to teach, and that daughter, I don’t want to talk about it!”
Yang Huang smiled, speaking of his daughter, he did not dare to refute.
He has a son and a daughter. His son, Yang Luolin, has been studying with the old man, and he is the appointed heir to the Yang family in the future, but this daughter is completely out of his control.
Although he knew that his daughter was better than his son and was more suitable to be an heir, but in the Yang family, the status of the eldest son was unshakable.
“A good girl, what kind of a madwoman? I behave outside! Who dares to ask for it in the future? How can my Yang family marry someone else? Ah!”

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