Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 349

Jiangning does not allow Lin Yu to be really safe, there are any risks, not at all!
Especially in this sky!
In his complete control.
Jiang Ning felt that his heart was too soft, and he did not bring the coldness on the battlefield to the city.
“In the name of inspecting the factory, Lin Xiao now has two masters in a factory. They are among the five famous underground tigers in Jianzhou. Two of them, the mountain tiger and the hunting tiger, are powerful.”
This is the information obtained by Manager Zhao.
Huang Yuming brought ten people including Brother Gou, but didn’t plan to leave behind.
The other party’s purpose is to direct Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen, this kind of hidden danger, absolutely can not stay!
Sitting in the car, Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes slightly: “Stop.”
Huang Yuming was taken aback.
“You go to encircle those two masters, if they are not in the match, you can let them go,”
Jiangning said, “I will get off here.”
Huang Yuming’s heart moved, and he immediately understood: “Yes!”
When the car stopped, Jiang Ning got out of the car immediately, while Huang Yuming and the others were still heading towards the locked target.
Jiang Ning lit a cigarette, and a fierce light flashed in his eyes.
“Crazy woman, you better don’t kill yourself!”
In the next second, he seemed to evaporate, and he disappeared all at once.
The Delong Production Company was one of the betrayers of the Lin Group. He was a little nervous and a little excited when he received a call from Yang Xiao to come and inspect.
As long as he can get Yang Xiao’s appreciation, even if he loses the factory in Tianhai Provincial City, he feels it is worth it.
What status is Yang Xiao? He will find out after asking someone for a while.
The whereabouts of Yang Luolin is unknown. The future heir of the Yang family is probably Yang Xiao, not to mention that Yang Xiao has a deep background and is a big ship!
“Hurry up, hurry up! Get ready, I tell you, the one who came to investigate today is a big shot!”
Liu Fei shouted loudly, “Whether our factory can develop and whether you can get more salaries depends on your performance!”
“To give the leader confidence and make her believe that our factory can bring them profits, she will need us to invest, understand?”
In the loudspeaker, Liu Fei’s voice was extremely loud. He had already yelled several times, and his voice was hoarse, just because these workers were too stupid to understand.
“Mr. Liu, the car is coming!”
The secretary trot in all the way.
When Liu Fei heard this, he immediately jumped off the platform, almost unable to stand firm.
“Walk around, all go to meet Miss Yang, hurry up!”
He took a few leaders from the factory, and immediately ran to the door to greet him.
Seeing the Hummer parked at the door, Liu Fei immediately ran over, arched slightly, and respectfully said, “Miss Yang?”
When the car door opened, the person who came down was not Yang Xiao.
“Mr. Yang has already entered your factory,”
One of them said coldly, “What is an inspection, do you think it is for you to prepare time for an inspection?”
Liu Fei was startled, and immediately realized that it was a private visit with a microservice!
Those big people love to do this, but fortunately, they have arranged them all by themselves. It should be too late.
“Yes, yes, you are right, the thinking of the eldest lady is definitely different from ours, how can I guess.”
Liu Fei chuckled, “The two…”
“We are just waiting outside, you do yours, and do what you normally do.”
When the man finished speaking, he got into the car again and locked the door.
Liu Fei’s face was a little embarrassed. He was so despised, but he didn’t dare to say a word. He waved his hands and called several leaders over and said in a low voice.
“Ms. Yang has entered the factory! Didn’t any of you idiots find out?”
“No, I didn’t see any strangers coming in.”
“Yeah, I have already explained to the security that someone came in and reported as soon as possible.”
“Then what shall we do now?”
Liu Fei couldn’t wait to kick them: “What else can I do? Go and inspect, don’t make any problems, don’t let Miss Yang discover the problems!”
A group of people immediately ran back to the factory, trembling, as if they were approaching an enemy.
At this moment, there are only two people in the Hummer, both with indifferent and murderous faces!

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