Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 35

Lin Yuzhen shouted, “You are not allowed to talk about my dad!”
Her eyes were red, and her tears couldn’t stop streaming.
No one is allowed to talk about her father!
Jiang Ning didn’t care: “If you can be tougher, you can stand up a bit, are my mother and Yu really bullied?”
“How many years have you been wearing that skirt on my mother?”
“Does she still buy any cosmetics?”
“Yu Zhen could have continued to study for postgraduate studies. Why did he enter Lin’s job as soon as he graduated from his bachelor’s degree?”
“She goes out at dawn and goes home in dark. She fights harder than anyone else, and is more tired than anyone, but whose salary is higher than that?”
Jiang Ning’s sentence almost tore Lin Wen to pieces!
Without a trace of mercy, he stripped Lin Wen clean, and all his dignity was gone at this moment.
What kind of man is this if he can’t take care of his wife and can’t protect his daughter?
“Jiangning… I beg you to stop talking.”
Lin Yuzhen pulled Jiang Ning’s sleeve, “Don’t hurt my dad anymore, okay?”
Jiang Ning gave Lin Yu a real glance and parked the car to the side of the road.
“I didn’t hurt him, it was him who always hurt him.”
Jiang Ning said, “His legs are useless, but they can’t stand up, but now, he can’t stand up as a whole.”
“Jiangning, you are right.”
Lin Wen smiled bitterly, “I’ve been kneeling for a long time and can’t stand up, not that I can’t stand up if my legs are broken.”
“I can heal your leg and get you to stand up again, but if you can’t stand up mentally, there is no point in curing this leg.”
Jiang Ning said unceremoniously.
Lin Wen looked up, facing Jiang Ning’s eyes.
“My mother chose you, do you have the heart to let her lose for a lifetime?”
With a bang–
Lin Wen felt his head roar.
Will Su Mei lose all his life?
She married herself to such a useless and disabled person. I don’t know how many times she was laughed at by her mother’s family, but Su Mei never said a word of complaint in front of her.
He used to pretend not to know, but now, can he pretend?
“Do not!”
Lin Wen suddenly clenched his fists and looked a bit sullen, “I can’t let her lose for a lifetime! She is my wife, and I can’t let her be laughed at because of me!”
Jiang Ning nodded and restarted the car.
“That’s fine, you are ready, our family is going to rise.”
After that, Lin Wen and Lin Yu were really taken aback. Is our family going to rise?
What does Jiang Ning’s remark mean?
It’s just that Jiang Ning didn’t say anything.
When he got home, Lin Wen’s eyes were red, and he went back to the house without saying a word, and fell asleep, which made Su Mei a little worried.
“Uma, what happened?”
Lin Yu really shook his head.
After Jiang Ning said those words, Lin Wen was like this. She was also a little worried, and she glanced at Jiang Ning reproachfully, why did she say such harsh words.
“Mom, don’t worry, Dad is tired. Tomorrow, I will return you a different man.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning went back to the house.

At that time, the hot spring club.
Heihu’s face is ugly.
He stared at Lin Qiang and said coldly, “Mr. Lin, you are so unkind. You deliberately conceal so much information.”
“That project Huang Yuming also has a share, why don’t you tell me?”
“What did Brother Hu say? That is my Lin family’s project. What does it have to do with Huang Yuming? He just used the channel to exchange our money, and the money and the goods were cleared.”
Lin Qiang snorted, “But Lin Yu is really good at it. I’m afraid that he would climb onto Huang Yuming’s bed and serve him well, so he was so unscrupulous.”
“I don’t care about this.”
Heihu waved his hand, “For your business, my sixty-eight brothers were still detained at the construction site, one hundred thousand, how do you think this matter can be resolved?”
Lin Qiang smiled faintly, without speaking.
How to deal with it?
You took me five million fucking up and down, and I haven’t done anything right up to now, so you dare to ask me what to do?
Your people are useless, they are all rubbish!
Seeing Lin Qiang’s appearance that had nothing to do with me, Hei Hu cursed inwardly.
Knowing that it is impossible for Lin Qiang to pay any more money, after all, he took the money, but the matter was not handled properly, it is not so easy to try to swindle the money again.
“Now that Huang Yuming is involved, things are not easy to handle,”
Heihu said, “Moreover, I have looked for Huang Yuming. He said that there are other people behind him, who I can’t afford to offend!”

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