Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 352

She laughed wildly, and struggled to stand up, without the slightest fear on her face.
This is totally a mentally distorted lunatic!
Upon hearing this, Lin Yuzhen’s face changed: “What do you mean?”
“Hehe, the East China Sea is known as a forbidden place, and this provincial city is also a place of right and wrong. I didn’t make any preparations, dare I come?”
Yang Xiao sneered, staring at Jiang Ning deliberately, as if he wanted to see Jiang Ning furious, but didn’t dare to kill himself.
“Your Lin’s channel dealers were all arrested by my people. As long as you dare to kill me, they have to be buried!”
Lin Yu was really nervous.
Jiang Ning was unmoved.
This woman is very cunning, much smarter than those underground circle bosses I met before.
She understands people’s minds and knows more about calculations. The city is very deep. No wonder it is not easy to build such a large network of relationships in Jianzhou as a woman.
“I really underestimated you.”
Jiang Ning squinted, “But do you think this can threaten me?”
“Hahaha, of course I can’t threaten you,” Yang Xiao smiled. “But what about her? This stupid woman can’t accept that others die because of her, can he?”
Yang Xiao’s investigation was very clear. From Tianhai’s cooperating businessmen, he knew that Lin Yu was really temperamental and character.
How could she let this kind of character that is the easiest to use?
Jiang Ning turned his head, Lin Yuzhen’s face was full of worry and anxiety.
She immediately took out her mobile phone to make a call, but she made several consecutive phone calls from the person in charge of the channel, but no one answered.
“Let me go, they are naturally safe and sound.”
Yang Xiao panted, with blood still flowing from the corner of his mouth, “If you leave me, your woman, you will have nightmares at night in this life, because she killed those people!”
Sinister, vicious, and deep-scheming, this Yang Xiao is much better than Yang Luolin.
If the Yang family let her be his heir, the strength would go straight to a higher level.
“Jiangning,” Lin Yuzhen took La Jiangning’s hand, “Those partners…”
She can’t just watch them die!
Moreover, it was because of one’s own death.
Jiang Ning stared at Yang Xiao, knowing that Yang Xiao was fully prepared. She couldn’t succeed, and she had a way to retreat. It was too cunning. This is the only person he has encountered so far, who has a brain. .
Still a woman, a crazy woman.
“how is it?”
Yang Xiao seemed to be smiling, his face was full of blood, and he looked very hideous and scary, “If you want to kill me, just do it.”
She is not afraid of death at all!
“Old Zhao!”
Jiang Ning yelled, and Steward Zhao rushed out with a few people.
“Take her to the border and exchange it with those partners. If you lose one, you will leave her life in the provincial capital!”
Yang Xiao smiled and smiled triumphantly.
She failed to kill Jiang Ning, let alone Lin Yuzhen, but she still laughed because she thought she had won.
Seeing Lin Yuzhen’s kindness, she really wanted to laugh.
“Under the world, it is right for everyone to be one’s own person, kind? It’s just a joke, understand?”
She glanced at Lin Yu, and left with a big laugh, extremely arrogant!
At that time, the battle on Huang Yuming’s side became more intense!
Ten people besieged the two guys, fisting to the flesh, and fierce to the extreme.
Brother Gou violently fisted one of them, and the two retreated at the same time, and each side stood on the side, no one could do anything about it.
But Huang Yuming could see that the other party hadn’t done his best!
One of them rang his cell phone, and he took a look at the newsletter and squinted his eyes slightly: “Today, I won’t kill you! Next time, I want you all to die!”

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