Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 353

The two slowly backed away and left directly.
“Want to go?”
Brother Gou roared and was about to rush over.
Suddenly, Shanhu gave a sneer and pulled off his coat, suddenly revealing a timer, ticking the countdown!
Brother Gou’s face changed drastically, and Huang Yuming immediately said, “Let them go!”
These two people are simply crazy!
“Be prepared, next time, take your dog’s life!”
The two Shanhu got into the car and left immediately.
Huang Yuming beckoned: “Keep up!”
These two people are too dangerous, and very crazy, without a bottom line.
He must make sure that the two are leaving instead of entering the provincial city, otherwise, even if they die, they will be blocked on the road.
Are the people in the Jianzhou underground circle like this?
The Hummer did not enter the provincial capital again, but walked directly from the provincial road, and stopped at the border.
At this moment, a car had been parked on the side of the boundary stone, and three people stood beside them, feeling the breath, exactly the same as the two of Shanhu.
Jianzhou Five Tigers!
They are all here!
Huang Yuming and others got out of the car and stayed vigilant on the other side of the border stone monument. Unexpectedly, the five tigers in Jianzhou were all here.
It seems that they are not just to simply test the Tianhai Provincial City!
Soon, another car came and Huang Yuming recognized it at once. It was Jiangning’s car, which shocked her heart.
When the car stopped, Jiang Ning came down, still clutching Yang Xiao, who was already covered in blood.
However, on Yang Xiao’s face, there was not the slightest fear or anger, and some were just crazy and proud.
When the five tigers on the other side saw Yang Xiao being beaten like this, their expressions suddenly sank.
“you wanna die!”
The mountain tiger was about to start immediately, but the tiger hunting shook his head.
“Where is the person?”
Jiang Ning didn’t have any unnecessary nonsense. He glanced at the five tigers, and he couldn’t see the slightest fear on his face. If he really wants to do it, let alone the five tigers, even if it is fifty tigers, kill them clean!
The door opened, and five or six people drove down, all of whom were distributors of the Lin Group in the southeast region.
At this moment, all of them were blindfolded, and their faces were full of horror.
Hunting Tiger stared at Jiang Ning, eyes like poisonous snakes.
Jiang Ning pushed Yang Xiao over, Hunting Tiger nodded, and several distributors were immediately released by them, and both sides changed at the same time.
“take away.”
Jiang Ning ordered that Brother Gou and several people immediately took away several channel merchants, and the others remained vigilant, staring at Yang Xiao and others.
The rope in Yang Xiao’s hand was untied, and the blood stains that were drawn out did not make her feel pain, but showed a trace of enjoyment.
This crazy woman is absolutely perverted!
“It failed,”
Yang Xiao smiled, even that face was still swollen by Jiang Ning, looking very hideous.
“It’s a pity, you dare not kill me.”
She stared at Jiang Ning: “The water in the sea seems to be really deep, interesting and interesting.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, Huang Yuming immediately stepped forward and said something in Jiang Ning’s ear.
“It’s really interesting.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Shanhu, and then at several other people. Jianzhou Five Tigers are the strongest masters in the underground circle of Jianzhou. Together, the five are stronger than Can Jian.
They all came today just to pick Yang Xiao back.
It seemed that Yang Xiao was really scheming. He couldn’t make an assassination. He had already figured out a way out for himself.
Not only the water depth of the Tianhai Underground Circle, but also the underground circle of Jianzhou!
“Jiangning, see you next time, I will definitely cut off your head!”

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