Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 356

“It’s been a long time since I went back to look at the old thing. It just so happened that some gifts were given to him.”
Yang Huang didn’t like to hear Yang Xiao talking like this, and warned: “Go home when you go home, don’t go home, talk nonsense, do you know?”
Yang Xiao hung up directly.
She took a shower and changed her clothes, seeming to become completely indifferent to the wound on her face, and rushed directly to the Yang family.
The old house of the Yang family has a history of several decades.
When the first generation of Patriarchs rose, they built such a manor with a total area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters.
In the hands of this generation of Yang Huang, the Yang family has developed extremely fast, not to mention the daughter of Yang Xiao, who has provided a lot of help to his father in secret.
In the lobby of the Yang family, Yang Dong felt a little anxious and even more angry.
“Huh, give me a gift?”
He sneered, “When did my granddaughter be so filial?”
“Dad, it’s rare for her to be filial, why are you still angry.”
Yang Huang smiled and said, “And she said she found Luo Lin, you can rest assured.”
Hearing these words, Yang Dong nodded.
He cares most about Yang Luolin. As for Yang Xiao, he doesn’t care about whether he will bring him gifts or not.
As long as you find Yang Luolin and know that he is okay, that’s it.
Outside, there was the sound of car horns, and Yang Huang knew that Yang Xiao had arrived.
He was about to go out, and Yang Dong snorted, “What are you doing? My daughter comes back, and I want you as an old man to go out and pick it up? What do you look like! Sit down for me!
Yang Huang didn’t dare to disobey.
Even if he is the head of the Yang family outside, a well-deserved big figure, in fact, Yang Dong’s desire to control is extremely strong, and Yang Dong’s real right to speak is still in the hands of Yang Dong.
Yang Huang sat there and didn’t move.
After a while, Yang Xiao stepped in, and his walking gesture made Yang Dong very dissatisfied.
Where is the way a girl walks at home?
What style of success!
He paused on the crutches, and was about to start cursing, when he suddenly saw the wound on Yang Xiao’s face, it was so swollen.
“what happened?”
Yang Huang spoke first and looked at the wound on Yang Xiao’s face. He was shocked and said angrily, “Who hit it?”
“My daughter of the Yang family, who dares to fight!”
“Hehe, people don’t care if I am the daughter of the Yang family,”
Yang Xiao glanced at Yang Dong with disdain, and said, “Besides, what is the daughter of the Yang family?”
Yang Huang didn’t speak, she knew that Yang Xiao had grievances since he was a child.
But Yang Dong’s face sank.
The granddaughter of Yang Xiao is simply ruining the Yang family’s style!
“If you feel ashamed of your surname Yang, you can change your surname directly too!”
Yang Dong said you’re welcome.
“I thought,”
Yang Xiao pulled a chair and sat down, straight up Erlang’s legs, boldly, “But I thought about it, I’m going to change my surname, then who will inherit this huge family business of the Yang family?”
“Do you want to inherit the Yang family?”
Yang Dong’s expression changed, and immediately sneered, “Dreaming!”
“The family business of the Yang family, how can it not be your turn to be inherited by a woman’s family, you have to die of this heart!”
He was a little sullen, his face flushed slightly, he had known that Yang Xiao, the granddaughter, was not at ease.
Even dare to covet the Yang family’s family business?
It seems that she must be kicked out, so as not to have extra branches!
“Is it?”
Yang Xiao laughed and looked at Yang Dong playfully, “But what if Yang Luolin is dead?”

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