Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 359

Jiang Ning knew very well that the talents of Brother Gou and others were not high-class, and they were barely even middle-class.
These, Gougou themselves know better.
But they are willing to fight!
Dare to train desperately!
As long as Jiangning gave the order, they would have nothing to look back!
Just like the iron-blooded soldiers, they only listen to the orders of the highest commander, Jiang Ning said, they will do it, and never hesitate.
Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. It is not easy to become a master of offense and defense.
This requires effort and talent!
As an ordinary person, with mediocre talent, I am afraid that the achievements in this life will stop here.
But their eldest brother is Jiang Ning!
Is the omnipotent God of War!
“What I say next, listen carefully, this is an opportunity for you to change,”
Jiang Ning solemnly said, “This set of battle formation techniques can not only allow you to use it together, but also allow you to find your own way of martial arts!”
The faces of Brother Gou and others couldn’t restrain the excitement.
The road to martial arts!
That is to allow them, like Can Jian, like Jianzhou Five Tigers, to walk on their own way.
Everyone, attentively, dare not get the slightest distraction.
Every sentence Jiang Ning said, every action they did, they kept in their hearts, and in their minds, it seemed to be played in a loop.
This time, Jiang Ning spoke for a full two hours, personally practiced for them, guided their movements, and let them understand as soon as possible.
Huang Yuming, who was on the side, had a more serious expression on his face, and the admiration in his eyes became more intense.
“Big Brother is Big Brother.”
He couldn’t help but sigh.
This time Jiang Ning asked him to go to the north and cooperate with A Fei to complete the task. In a short period of time, Huang Yuming seemed to be baptized.
When he came into contact with that world, he realized that he was a frog at the bottom of the well!
His vision is too narrow, and what he can see is limited.
But just touched the tip of the iceberg and learned a little bit about Jiang Ning’s life, Huang Yuming was shocked, that kind of worship is deep in the bones and from the heart!
It is completely embedded in your own soul!
“Agou, I’m afraid you don’t know how many people are eager to be guided by the eldest brother, even if they pay a huge price, it’s a pity that they have no chance.”
Huang Yuming took a deep breath, suddenly a little envious of Brother Gou and others.
He doesn’t know how to martial arts, and he can’t follow Jiang Ning to fight on the battlefield, but he has the brain and can become Jiang Ning’s military adviser and his right-hand man!
Throughout the whole afternoon, Brother Gou and the others wholeheartedly comprehended Jiang Ning’s battle formation techniques. It was dark and Jiang Ning had already left, but they still didn’t stop.
On the training ground, there were roars of tigers and wolves!
It can be heard in the factory far away.
“Xu, what are they doing?”
Chen Yu is now completely in the state. In a short period of time, reform and innovation have greatly improved the production efficiency of the factory.
Xiao Xu admired it now, and fully cooperated with Chen Yu’s efforts.
“Do you guys? They say they are exercising,”
Xiao Xu smiled, “A strong body can protect us. They are the patron saints of the East China Sea.”
Patron Saint?
In Chen Yu’s mind, he suddenly thought of Jiang Ning, maybe Jiang Ning is the real patron saint of the East China Sea.

At that time.
Jianzhou Yang Family!
The atmosphere in the entire Yang family was extremely suppressed.
No one dared to speak loudly, or even to walk around, without daring to make footsteps, for fear of provoking the anger of the Patriarch.
Yang Huang’s face was gloomy, so full that it almost dripped water.
And Yang Dong, who was sitting above, was even more expressionless, except for the anger and killing intent that rushed out of those eyes!

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