Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 361

Yang Dong was furious.
He stretched out his hand and slapped it hard on the table.
“what happened?”
He roared, “What about people? Why didn’t anyone come back! What about people!”
“I’m afraid they are all dead.”
Yang Huang’s face was still gloomy, but his tone was a little gloating.
“All dead?”
Yang Dong’s lips trembled.
This is all cultivated by the Yang family with a lot of money. Every year, the cost is not small.
In the past, the Yang family arranged for them to do things, and they have never failed. Why did they all die this time?
This is a huge loss!
The Yang family wanted to retaliate against the Lin family, and wanted to destroy the Lin family’s sales station, but the family had retreated long ago, and they had nowhere to sprinkle if they were angry.
Sending people directly to the East China Sea, but it was nothing.
Those are the sixteen masters of the Yang family!
“Our Yang family has suffered a great loss.”
Yang Huang said, “Dad, you can’t ignore the future development of the Yang family because of Yang Luolin’s death.”
His tone was somewhat indifferent, with a hint of anger.
Yang Dong turned his head and glanced at him: “What did you say?”
“That’s your son! He is dead, don’t you want to avenge him?”
Yang Huang didn’t speak, but he sneered in his heart.
my son?
That can only be regarded as my brother, even, I don’t want to admit it at all!
“He is dead. I really want to avenge him, but he can’t let the Yang family continue to lose because of this.”
Yang Huang shook his head and said, “If all the sixteen masters died in the East China Sea, then our Yang family would suffer even greater losses. If the heir is dead, he can still be replaced with a new one, but these masters are dead and they are not so good to cultivate. .”
Hearing this, Yang Dong’s face flushed.
What does it mean that heirs can be changed again?
“Can the heir be changed again? Are there any others?”
Yang Dong roared, “Should I change your Patriarch!”
Yang Huang was also angry, but gritted his teeth: “If you think it is necessary to change, just change it! Anyway, this Yang family, you have the final say!”
This sentence immediately made Yang Dong’s body tremble.
He fixedly looked at Yang Huang, with a bad premonition in his heart.
This own son has always been obedient, even if he is strong outside, he still has to listen to Yang Dong when he returns to the Yang family, but today, dare to sing the opposite of himself?
Does he know?
Yang Dong immediately forced himself to calm down. He had never been a fool if he had been able to control the Yang family for so many years.
He guessed that Yang Huang knew about it out of ten, and that mad woman Yang Xiao still said it.
“Luo Lin is dead, who will inherit the future of the Yang family?”
“Yang Luolin is not the only person in the Yang family. As long as he has the blood of the Yang family and has the ability to lead the Yang family to the next level, changing heirs may not be a good choice.”
Yang Huang said coldly, “I always think Yang Xiao is pretty good.”
Yang Dong was furious, “She is also the Yang family?”
“Then you find another one?”
In Yang Huang’s tone, there was a kind of sarcasm, “Or, give me a brother while my dad is okay? Would you like your daughter-in-law to help!”
This is tantamount to tearing the skin!
Yang Dong almost couldn’t stand firmly, holding the table, so he didn’t let himself fall.
He looked at Yang Huang, breathing slightly.
After a long time, he slowly said, “I am all for the Yang family!”
“Hehe, what a good one for the Yang family, what about now?”
Not to be outdone, Yang Huang directly refuted it for the first time, “Aren’t you, you have to do it for the Yang family!”
“Hmph, it’s not your turn to question me!”
Yang Dong squinted his eyes, showing his fierceness, “This Yang family is still my Yang Dong!”
As long as he wants, he can change the owner at any time!
Yang Huang didn’t say anything, took a few deep breaths, but calmed down.
“Then you decide.”
“If you want to avenge Yang Luolin, you will continue to send people to the East China Sea and continue to attack the Lin Group. Everything about the Yang family has the final say.”
After speaking, he turned and left without looking back.
Yang Dong was trembling with anger, but he could only push his crutches hard and yelled: “Nizi! They are all Nizi!”
“I really thought I couldn’t help the Lin Family?”
He sneered, “I want to do it, no one wants to live!”
He can use a lot of power. To deal with a mere Lin family, it’s nothing. Isn’t it just sixteen master householders who die when they die? Do you really think he can’t help it?
Yang Dong can see it, Yang Huang has now renounced himself, and wants to stand with Yang Xiao and seize the Yang family’s business.
Their father and daughter are dreaming!
As long as he still has a breath, Yang Xiao don’t even want to take a single cent from the Yang family.
Soon, Yang Dong made a decision. He was fierce and decisive. He no longer had the slightest hesitation. Since his domestic masters are not enough, he should spend money and ask outside masters. Isn’t it just killing? Someone specializes in this. Decent.

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