Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 362

At that time.
East China Sea!
The sixteen people lined up and knelt on the ground, all of their hands were broken, and they were bound firmly, with no chance of escape.
Jiang Ning sat there and took a look: “Yes, I have the courage to come and kill me in the East China Sea.”
“Do you value yourself too much, or do you despise them?”
He pointed to the brother Gou and the others who were standing aside.
After a few days of honing the battle formation skills, Brother Gou and the others said that they had no chance to use the enemy, so someone took the initiative to send it to the door.
With this action, a group of people are almost crazy!
This kind of battle formation technique allows them to continuously amplify their advantages, while their shortcomings are completely hidden.
Amazingly powerful.
If they are fighting alone, they may not necessarily be the opponents of these masters, but they can use battle formation techniques to besieged and kill these people, but they will come with their hands without any pressure.
“Hmph, since it has fallen into your hands, if you want to kill or slash, you can listen to it!”
One of them, with a hard mouth, sneered, “You have offended the Yang family, you are doomed to a dead end!”
Brother Gou didn’t have so much patience, and hit his head with a punch.
In an instant, it’s like a watermelon bursting into pieces!
“Disrespect to Big Brother, look for death!”
The rest of them turned pale.
Unexpectedly, the East China Sea is so terrible. Rumor has it that the East China Sea is a forbidden land. After this experience, they really understand how terrible the word forbidden land is.
They were exposed as soon as they arrived in the East China Sea before they even started to act.
From being besieged, to now being interrupted and kneeling here, but only less than an hour.
It’s terrible!
It’s impossible to kill someone like Jiangning in such a city, but unfortunately, the old lady of the Yang family doesn’t know.
“The Yang Family,”
Jiang Ning laughed, as if he heard a joke, “I really hope that the Yang family can send more masters. Don’t just use wine bags and rice bags like yours.”
“My brothers, I still need some sharpening stones. If the Yang family doesn’t come, then I will go home.”
Hearing that, the faces of the remaining fifteen people changed drastically, and they were terrified.
Jiang Ning is so arrogant! He didn’t put the Yang family in his eyes at all, but actually regarded the Yang family as a sharpening stone for these people.
He dare to go to Jianzhou?
Go directly to the Yang family’s site?
Jiang Ning is too arrogant!
They had never seen such an arrogant person before, and they even wanted to kill Jianzhou and took the initiative to find the Yang family.
That is a dead end!
“Don’t be ashamed!”
Someone couldn’t help shouting, “Jianzhou, it’s not someone like you can go!”
“Is it.”
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, “I will go, but you definitely won’t see it.”
After speaking, he stopped paying attention to these ants and turned and left.
Huang Yuming followed, stretched out his hand and made a cut. Brother Gou and others immediately understood.
Following Jiang Ning all the way, Huang Yuming was waiting for Jiang Ning’s new order.
He knew Jiang Ning was thinking.
“Let old Zhao completely open up the intelligence network, especially the East China Sea, and raise a level of defense. I guess someone is coming in.”
Huang Yuming nodded and went to handle it immediately.
There are not many people who can use the Yang Family in Jianzhou. These sixteen should be regarded as the top masters of the Yang Family, but unfortunately, in their own eyes, they are still ants.
If the Yang family can’t make a plan, there must be back-ups, especially the crazy woman Yang Xiao, who knows how psychologically this woman will be distorted?

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