Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 368

“What’s there?”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out his hand, but didn’t touch anything.
“Don’t move,”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand to block Lin Yuzhen’s eyes. Lin Yuzhen subconsciously closed his eyes, only to feel that something suddenly happened and touched his face.
It’s a little warm, just leave it as soon as you touch it.
She opened her eyes and Jiang Ning was shaking her hand.
“What is it?”
“Nothing, a hair.”
Jiang Ning clapped his hands, pursed his lips subconsciously, and said inwardly.
The speed is too fast, it feels nothing.
“Hair? Did I lose my hair?”
Lin Yuzhen didn’t believe it. He just washed his face after finishing the mask, how could there be hair sticking to his face.
Jiang Ning didn’t bother with this issue, and pulled Lin Yuzhen away.
“Go, let’s go home.”
The other of the yin and yang killers was left to Huang Yuming. He wanted to cooperate with Lao Zhao and Lao Zhang to thoroughly establish the model of the East China Sea Forbidden Land.
This is the best test opportunity!
At that time.
Huang Yuming had already obtained what he wanted from the female killer’s mouth.
He is not afraid of hard bones, because he believes that no matter how hard the bones are in this world, as long as they break a few bones, they will not be hard.
Soon, Mr. Zhao and Mr. Zhang both arrived.
When Huang Yuming said that a terrible assassin had lurked in the East China Sea, both of them were a little surprised.
Lao Zhang had never heard of such an organization, but Mr. Zhao had heard of it somewhat.
“That is a well-known assassin organization in the world. There are many masters. Assassins belonging to this organization are spread all over the world. It is an extremely terrifying organization.”
This is what the intelligence controlled by Manager Zhao wrote.
“They dare to come to the East China Sea to kill Mr. Jiang?”
“Hmph, big brother doesn’t care about these little fish and shrimps, but for us, this is a good opportunity to establish a forbidden land mechanism in the East China Sea. Big brother uses himself as a bait, and we can’t let him down!”
“Not bad!”
Lao Zhang nodded immediately, “What do I need to do, you say!”
“The intelligence network has been established around the East China Sea. What is the specific effect? ​​Now is the best test opportunity.”
The three looked at each other and nodded.
Do it!
The intelligence network under Mr. Zhao’s stewardess quickly became operational, cooperating with the official information from Lao Zhang, to calculate and investigate the population entering and exiting the East China Sea.
Any suspicious person, any unidentified person who has come in recently, is their focus.
Looking at the fast beating interface on the computer screen, Huang Yuming’s eyes flickered.
Brother Gou and others have also sneaked into every space in the East China Sea, and launched their brothers to search the entire city.
Soon, the goal was found!
And everything seems to have never happened, the whole East China Sea, there is no major movement, everyone is working step by step, and it is as usual, what should be done.
Jinyu Restaurant.
Today is the birthday celebration for the brothers in the Wolves. Huang Yuming closed the shop specially and will not accept anyone.
In the whole hall, there was only one table with flowers, huge cakes on one side, and a banner that said, Brother Dog’s birthday is fast!
Further down, there are a series of signatures, except for the name of Brother Gou, all others are code names, from second to thirty.
The chefs and waiters in the restaurant are busy.
Everyone knows that Huang Yuming emphasizes sentiments and his brothers are very good, especially now that Brother Gou and others have a different status. Some people celebrate their birthdays, so naturally they have to take care of them.
“All cheer up, today is Brother Gou’s birthday, and everyone will come up with a special dish to celebrate for him!”
In the back kitchen, the head chef has already spoken.
“it is good!”
The kitchen gets busy quickly, washing vegetables, slicing, servicing…to and fro is too busy.
The dishes were served one by one. Gou and others were sitting around a table and toasting to the birthday star Gou who was sitting in the middle.
“Brother Dog, happy birthday!”
“Today for your birthday, my brother, we gave a gift in partnership!”
Someone yelled.
“What gift did you give?”
Brother Gou raised his eyebrows, and when he heard the gift was full of excitement, he rubbed his hands, “Stop selling it, what kind of gift?”
Huang Yuming smiled, and turned to the waiter who was standing aside and said, “Bring up what you prepared.”
The waiter nodded, and immediately walked aside, put it in the gift box, held it in both hands, and put it on the dining table.
“You open it.”
Huang Yuming said again.
The waiter untied the rope and opened the box, but the inside was empty and there was nothing.
“I like this gift!”
Brother Gou touched his head and smiled, “I really like the gifts my brothers gave me. Then I will accept it?”
“Accept it! Are you still polite with your brothers?”
“I really took it!”
“Accept it.”
Huang Yuming also nodded.
The waiter standing with his face was full of doubts. Could it be that the people like Brother Gou have drunk too much and there is nothing in the box. What gift does he accept?
A dangerous breath filled my heart instantly.
He felt a few murderous auras and locked himself almost instantly!

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