Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 37

Lin Qiang ignored the black tiger’s madness here, what’s the use of being sturdy in front of his hands?
Even such a small thing can’t be handled well, it seems that this black tiger is not worthy of its name.
When the phone rang, Lin Qiang frowned slightly when he saw that Lin Xiao was calling.
He went out and got on the phone.
“Come to me now!”
Lin Xiao’s tone was majestic, and he hung up after speaking.
Lin Qiang’s heart moved slightly, and he heard a trace of anger in Lin Xiao’s tone, not knowing why.
Without daring to waste time, Lin Qiang drove to the villa where Lin Xiao was.
He entered the door violently, with a worried look on his face: “Dad, what’s the matter? Is it that Lin Feng, the kid, that annoys you again? I’ll clean him up when I go back!”
Lin Xiao sat there, slowly opening his eyes: “It’s not Lin Feng.”
“Not him? Who made you angry then?”
“It’s you!”
Lin Xiao’s voice suddenly became louder, “Lin Qiang, did you arrange for someone to interfere with the construction of Lin Yuzhen’s plant?”
Lin Qiang snorted in his heart, how could the old man know about this?
Black Tiger!
That useless thing! The subordinates are also a bunch of trash!
“Yes, it’s me.”
Lin Qiang did not deny, but directly nodded.
He knew that since Lin Xiao asked, he naturally knew it. He couldn’t hide it, but the sophistry made Lin Xiao even more angry.
Lin Xiao still had a straight face, but he was obviously not as angry as he was just now.
“Because Lin Yu really eats inside and out!”
Lin Qiang gritted her teeth and said, “She and Huang Yuming are embarrassed and want to snatch my Lin family’s property! You may not know, just this month, their family bought a BMW for half a million! Where did they get the money?”
Lin Xiao’s pupils shrank suddenly.
“This Lin Yu really looks simple and kind, but in fact, she has been dissatisfied with the Lin family and her dad is dissatisfied with her dad, so she wants to take this opportunity to seize the Lin family’s property!”
Lin Qiang sighed, “In addition to reaching out to us, what else has their family done for the Lin family over the years? Nothing!”
“We help them from time to time, but what about them? Grace will revenge!”
“Right now, they are still not satisfied and want more. As the head of the Lin family, I absolutely cannot allow these thieves to occupy a penny of my Lin family!”
Lin Xiao’s expression eased a lot.
“This project is very important. We have invested too much resources. If you do damage like this, we will lose our own interests!”
Lin Xiao lit his finger on the table.
“I don’t want to either.”
Lin Qiang smiled bitterly, with a helpless look, “But when I continue to break, I am subject to the chaos. I really want to be completely controlled by Lin Yuzhen. Do we still have a chance to get it back?”
“I didn’t want my dad to know about this. It’s fine for me to carry it by myself. You are old and shouldn’t work for the Lin family anymore. I am useless, or dad is worried about you.”
Lin Qiang’s face was full of filial piety, full of care, which made Lin Xiao even more gratified.
“Lin Wen came to me earlier and accused you of interfering with Lin Yuzhen.”
Lin Xiao said, “This Lin Wen seems to have also changed, becoming greedy and sinister. I am very disappointed.”
“The third child is too much!”
Lin Qiang was so angry that he couldn’t argue, “My second child is working hard for the Lin family in the provincial capital. I can’t sleep well for the Lin family’s business, but what about him?”
The more he said, the more disappointed Lin Xiao’s face became.
If Lin Wen still had his blood shed, he wouldn’t want this son anymore!
“Dad, don’t worry, I will guard the Lin Family, and I will never let anyone take away a penny from the Lin Family!”
Lin Qiang said solemnly.
Lin Xiao nodded: “With your words, I’m relieved, Lin Wen’s family…”
“I have a countermeasure. Don’t worry, Dad, just leave everything to me.”
After comforting Lin Xiao for a while, after saying a lot of things he loves to hear, Lin Xiao’s mood improved.
Lin Qiang left with a gloomy expression all the way.
He didn’t expect that Lin Wen, who has always been weak and weak, would even know how to complain.
But what can it be?
In Lin Xiao’s eyes, his eldest son is the best and the one he trusts the most. What Lin Wen said is like farting!
“This dead knot can’t be solved!”
Lin Qiang’s eyes were full of gloom and coldness, “The third child, you are looking for death by yourself, so don’t blame Big Brother for being cruel!”

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