Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 377

Five tigers are all killed!
As powerful as a tiger, the famous Jianzhou Five Tigers, at this moment, no one can stand!
Yan Chong was already scared silly.
My legs trembled, I didn’t even know what to say, and the bones all over his body were fighting.
He looked at Jiang Ning, just like looking at the devil, the devil crawling out of Jiuyou Hell!
“you you……”
The pale face, without blood, the whole body is cold, as if falling into the ice cellar!
Yan Chong’s throat was dry, he kept backing away, suddenly yelled, and even fled from the back door in a panic like seeing a ghost.
Where would he dare to stay?
Even the five tigers died under Jiang Ning’s hands, and he has no way to survive!
Jiang Ning just glanced at it, not even interested in chasing it.
Such rubbish, death is the result of sooner or later.
When he turned around, Brother Gou and others were still violent!
The battle formation technique further enhances their strength, not only can maximize their advantages, but also perfectly avoid the disadvantages.
The terrifying strength erupts, where are these so-called thugs who can match?
Screams, roars, loud noises!
The fall of the five tigers made them suddenly lose their confidence in fighting and collapsed directly. Even the most powerful five tigers are all over. What can they do?
Soon, they were rubbed against the ground by Brother Dog and others.
Apart from begging for mercy, there is no resistance.
“This Yan Chong ran away, do you want to chase?”
Huang Yuming lit a cigarette for Jiang Ning and asked softly.
“Can he run?”
Jiang Ning spit out smoke.
Three minutes later, in the entire compound, except for Jiang Ning, who were still standing, all the others were lying on their stomachs, lying horizontally and vertically, blood flowing into a river…
Brother Gou and others, one by one, were extremely excited.
They have experienced the power of the battle formation technique, and excitedly waited for the sky to roar!
too strong!
too strong!
Compared with Jiang Ning, it is far worse, far worse!
Brother Gou asked Jiang Ning how to become strong.
Jiang Ning only answered two words: training!
Continuous training, surpassing ordinary people’s training hundreds of times thousands of times.
They didn’t know that Jiang Ning had practiced hundreds of thousands of times with just one punch, until this punch became the instinct of the body.
Jiang Ning glanced around, and the people shivered, not even daring to lift their heads, let alone looking at Jiang Ning.
“Go, go to Yang’s house.”
Jiang Ning turned and left, and Huang Yuming and others immediately followed.
But in the compound, crying wailed everywhere, that kind of fear, kind of regret, kind of shame, would accompany them all their lives.
At that time, in the Yang family compound.
Yang Huang and Yang Xiao, father and daughter, both came.
Starting tomorrow, Yan Chong will take Wuhu to the East China Sea, and then return with Jiang Ning’s head.
Tonight is the day when they re-enter the Yang family and completely control the Yang family.
Even if Yang Dong is unwilling, he has nothing to do.
“You…you dare!”
Yang Dong slapped the table, angrily.
Yang Huang has actually put himself in the air.
“There is nothing to be afraid of, just to inform you today.”
Yang Huang said indifferently, “If you think about the feelings of father and son, if you retreat obediently, I can guarantee that you have no worries about food and clothing, otherwise…”
Yang Dong was shaking, pointing at Yang Huang and his daughter, already speechless.
He was silent for a moment, but still confessed his fate.
He is old, and it is impossible to control the Yang family all the time. What’s more, he can’t help it in the current situation.
Yang Xiao is too strong to be able to compete with her at all, not to mention that even the only son now has to betray him.
“You promised, I let out the Yang family, you help me kill Jiang Ning.”
Yang Dong spoke.
Jiang Ning has made him ashamed and humiliated. He has to settle this account.
Yang Xiao, who was sitting there, laughed, knowing that Yang Dong’s clothes were soft.
“Of course, tomorrow, Jiang Ning’s head will be brought back and placed in front of Yang Luolin’s tomb to offer him a memorial service.”
This is Yang Dong’s last request.
She smiled: “Old stuff, you still really care about Yang Luolin.”
Yang Dong didn’t say more.
The one who is old and successful is definitely the most favored.
This is a foregone conclusion and he cannot change it.
But even if it was worth it, he could avenge Yang Luolin.
“Jiangning… I want your head to pay tribute to my son!”
Yang Dong gritted his teeth.
Yang Huang and Yang Huang ignored him, and a smug smile appeared on their faces when they heard Yang Dong confessed his fate.
The Yang family was finally taken down.
The colossal Yang family represents the strength and status in Jianzhou!
In addition to the current Yang Xiao, it is enough for the Yang family to become a wealthy family in the southeast. In the entire southeast, no one dares to provoke.
“Congratulations Dad.”
Yang Xiao deliberately said to Yang Huang in front of Yang Dong, “The owner of the Yang family deserves his name.”
Yang Huang laughed and nodded.
Neither of them cares about Yang Dong’s expression.
The Yang family has arrived. Now, just waiting for tomorrow, Jiang Ning’s head is sent to them, and the name of the forbidden area in the East China Sea has been completely broken!
“Our Yang family is destined to rise and become a real giant!”
Yang Huang excitedly said, “I can already see that the future Yang family will become a giant in the southeast, and no one dares to provoke it!”
He clenched his fist.
In front of him, it seemed that a picture had appeared, and the people in the entire southeastern region were afraid of him Yang Huang!
All in awe of his Yang family!
In front of him, they are all trembling and respectful!
He can’t wait!
Even thinking about celebrating again tomorrow.
“How much do you drink? How about adding a plate of peanuts? Why do you start talking nonsense.”
Outside the door, a voice came with a hint of abuse.

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