Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 379

“Jiang… Jiangning!”
Yan Chong’s voice was trembling, and he knelt down with a sudden plop.
He didn’t get through Lin Xiao’s phone, and ran desperately to tell them to escape, but Jiang Ning turned out to be faster than him!
That’s it!
Completely finished!
The scene of Shanhu and others being beheaded by Jiang Ning with a single blow just now appeared in his mind, constantly echoing…
The demon, the demon from Jiuyou Hell, is sitting in front of him at this moment!
After a while, Yan Chong smirked, and an unpleasant smell came from under him.
At this point, the expressions of Yang Xiao and his daughter changed completely.
They didn’t know how Yan Chong became like this. How did he see Jiang Ning and he was so frightened that he was incontinent.
Yang Huang’s throat was dry, and Yang Xiao stared at Jiang Ning, his palms felt cold and trembling.
“This is Jianzhou, Jianzhou Five Tigers…”
“It’s all dead.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “I killed it.”
Yang Xiao’s body shook suddenly, and Yan Chong shivered even more, killing him in front of him!
so horrible!
The picture in his mind made him tremble.
“I built the underground circle of the state…”
“All the masters are gone.”
Jiang Ning continued.
“Your people, your subordinates, can get it right, and none of them can stand up right now.”
“Are you desperate?”
Jiang Ning looked at Yang Xiao and watched her gradually become stiff, her face full of disbelief.
All gone?
The Jianzhou underground circle, the most elite force, just collapsed?
When did Jiang Ning do it?
how can that be!
Yang Xiao felt that her body was numb. She didn’t want to believe it. She glanced at Yan Chong. Yan Chong’s body just trembled, her lips trembling, and she muttered, “All dead… all dead…”
It was like a huge thunder that smashed her head severely.
She was suddenly terrified!
She is even more desperate!
How did she become like this? She had just acquired the entire Yang family, but in a blink of an eye, she was about to lose it?
I’m so anxious and happy before I’m here, so why…
“Your Yang family is really domineering,”
Jiang Ning sneered, “My Lin family is developing steadily, but you are secretly messing up and wanting to take advantage of it. Yang Luolin dare to be disrespectful to my woman. I let him be a flower fertilizer, and you, you said you want to scratch the face of the rain?”
Suddenly, Jiang Ning’s face was as cold as frost!
The surrounding air suddenly seemed to drop more than ten degrees, causing Yang Xiao and the others to shudder.
“You…you dare to kill me!”
Yang Xiao gritted his teeth, his face a bit sullen, “Behind me, there is a shadow of the north!”
Jiang Ning snorted, the shadow of the north?
There is also the shadow of the north behind Zhou Hua, and behind Lu Qian, there is also the shadow of the north, and even behind Fu Ye, there is still the shadow of the north, but what about?
They still dare to seek revenge for themselves.
Jiang Ning got up and walked to Yang Xiao, scared that Yang Xiao couldn’t help backing two steps, but he didn’t dare to back again.
Suddenly, Jiang Ning slapped it fiercely, and directly slapped Yang Xiao’s face into the flesh!
Completely deformed!
I am afraid that her cheeks are all cracked!
Yang Xiao screamed and flew out, covering his face, screaming sternly.
“what are you going to do!”
Yang Huang immediately stepped forward to block, Jiang Ning raised his foot and kicked him directly without even looking at it.
“The woman who wants to hurt me? Even the king of heaven, I will kill him too!”
Jiang Ning said coldly.
Yang Xiao couldn’t say anything, his chin was crooked, and he shrank to the ground, shivering.
And Yang Dong and Yang Huang both turned pale. Apart from fear, they were regretful. Why… why bother to provoke Jiang Ning.
Yang Luolin, this damn bastard, why should he provoke Jiang Ning!
Even Yang Dong suddenly felt that Yang Luolin deserved to die, he should have died long ago!
When he is dead, the Yang family will not provoke such terrible characters, and will not be destroyed!
“After tonight, Jianzhou, there will be no more Yang family!”
Jiangning Road.

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