Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 38

The night gradually fell silent.
Everything was calm, but Jiang Ning knew that everything was starting to be restless.
Lying on the ground, Jiang Ning knew that Lin Yu was really awake.
“Tomorrow you don’t go to the construction site, go shopping with your mother, buy some clothes and skin care products.”
Lin Yuzhen turned his head and couldn’t see Jiang Ning’s face clearly in the darkness, “What about you?”
“I will go.”
Lin Yu really paused, “What are you going to do?”
She is the person in charge. Jiang Ning has nothing to do with this project. What is he going to do?
“There is some rubbish, I will clean it up for you.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
Lin Wen woke up early the next morning.
He washed his face, brushed his teeth and shaved his beard, changed into a shirt that he hadn’t worn for a long time, opened the lock of the bookcase, took out the almost dusty business materials, and sat in front of the balcony to look seriously.
Su Mei didn’t know what happened, she felt that Lin Wen seemed to be a different person.
The whole person’s eyes, aura and even expressions are different.
She was a little worried.
Yesterday, Jiang Ning told himself that starting today, there will be a new Lin Wen. What is going on?
“Mom, Yuzhen will accompany you to go shopping today, buy some clothes and skin care products.”
Jiang Ning picked up the breakfast from the table and went out while eating, “Dad has a lot to review, so don’t disturb him.”
After speaking, soon there was the sound of the car starting outside, and Jiang Ning left directly.
Lin Yuzhen walked out of the house with a helpless expression on his face.
Jiang Ning refused to let her go today, saying that shopping with Su Mei was more important than anything else.
“Mom, I will go shopping with you after breakfast. We haven’t been out shopping for a long time.”
“Is there anything to buy? I have nothing to buy.”
Su Mei hurriedly said, “What kind of money is spent!”
Even if she just had five million, in her eyes, it would be returned to Donghai Bank sooner or later.
“No, don’t buy it today, Jiang Ning said he will buy it when he comes back.”
Lin Yu really pouted.
Jiang Ning is going to buy it, she is worried that this bastard will buy the whole mall directly!
When she came back from the bank that day, she checked on the Internet what was special about Jiangning’s black card. After learning about it, Lin Yu was shocked for an hour before she came back to her senses.
She couldn’t believe that Jiang Ning was so rich!
“Mom, if you don’t buy a few sets of clothes today, Jiangning will definitely buy the entire mall and let you pick them.”
Lin Yu said helplessly.
Jiang Ning did something like this.
As soon as Su Mei heard it, what’s the deal? You can’t let Jiang Ning spend money for them anymore, just pick two discount clothes.

Suburbs, factory building sites.
With more than 60 people helping, the progress has indeed improved a lot.
Not to mention, this group of bastards work very hard.
Lin Yuzhen confessed that he provided them with food to ensure that they had enough food to work hard, and even had desserts and fruits.
When several bastards saw this, their eyes were red, and they almost didn’t shed tears.
For so many years under Heihu, they have not had this kind of treatment!
For the first time, they felt that it is not particularly difficult to earn money by labor, and that it also has dignity.
Jiang Ning was sitting in the car, listening to the music, waiting quietly.
Soon, a few buses came from far away and stopped at the entrance of the factory. A group of people rushed out of the car.
“A bunch of trash!”
Heihu walked at the forefront, seeing his subordinates actually working on the construction site, his face flushed with anger, “Trash! You fucking shame me Heihu’s face!”
“What’s the use for me to raise you? It’s so worthless to move bricks on the construction site! Ashamed!”
He roared, “What are you still waiting for? Get me back!”
On the construction site, those bastards were startled when they saw that the black tiger had come.
Black Tiger came to rescue them?
No, looking at Heihu’s expression, he also brought so many people here. He didn’t come to save people, but was angry that he lost his face and came to trouble them!
These people suddenly became even more chilled.
When they needed to spend money in exchange for them to go back, Heihu said nothing and was reluctant to spend money.
Now that you want to save face, you will swear when you come, do you really treat them as dogs?
Come when you call, and go when you wave?

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