Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 383

Eight people, took a breath at the same time!
Millions of bonuses!
You know, the salary of the Lin Group is already at the top in the East China Sea.
Jiang Ning had to give it even higher!
“To help Mr. Lin share, that’s a hero, so these rewards are not too many. If you think you can accept this task, you can prepare now.”
Jiang Ning leaned on the sofa and picked up the French fries he had snatched from Xiao Zhao.
Eight people stood up straight in an instant!
Not only because Jiangning trusted them and offered them such generous rewards, but also because Jiangning regarded them as the most important member of the Lin Group.
“Brother Ning! Don’t worry, I will not disappoint your trust!”
“Brother Ning, it doesn’t matter what the bonus is, it’s my job to share the worries about Lin!”
“Brother Ning, I have tried my best to get the market down!”
The eight people are all flushed, excited, and excited.
To be trusted by people and dare to delegate the task of developing a market to young people like them, this kind of opportunity is not available to everyone.
This alone is worth their hard work!
“Well, I am waiting for your good news. At the annual meeting, I will toast you.”
With this sentence, the eight people were extremely excited.
Jiang Ning wants to toast them!
Think about being able to clink and drink with Jiangning in front of the entire company!
It’s exhausting, you have to fight!
When the eight people retreated, Lin Yuzhen spoke.
She knew that Jiang Ning didn’t want her to be so tired and asked someone to help her share the burden.
“Talents are to be cultivated. You have to let them go. A company is a whole, not on you alone, understand?
Lin Yu really nodded.
Jiang Ning stuffed a piece of French fries into Lin Yuzhen’s mouth and said in a low voice, “Is it delicious? I saw Xiao Zhao’s drawer, there is actually a pack.”
Seeing Jiang Ning’s serious appearance, Lin Yu couldn’t help but laugh.
What I wanted to say, I forgot all of a sudden.
With a puff, she almost sprayed the chips of French fries onto Jiang Ning’s face, and hurriedly covered her mouth!
“You will grab their snacks!”
After finishing speaking, he stretched out his hand and took another one, with a still inexplicable expression, “However, it’s really delicious.”
As soon as the voice fell, the office door rang.
Lin Yuzhen yelled to enter, Xiao Zhao walked in, and saw that Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen were sitting on the sofa, sharing their French fries, and he almost didn’t feel wronged.
That’s hers!
“Mr. Lin, Mr. Wan from Yongjingtai Real Estate Company is looking for you.”
Lin Yuzhen was stunned. The real estate company doesn’t seem to have any cooperation with the Lin Group. They do medicine and beauty products.
“Yongjing Terrace?”
She suddenly realized that it was not the real estate where Jiang Ning had just bought ten villas.
“Invite him in.”
Soon, Mr. Wan from Yongjingtai Real Estate Company walked in.
“Hello, Mr. Lin, Mr. Jiang!”
Mr. Wan was very polite, arching his waist slightly.
In the East China Sea, especially investors like them, no one does not know the Lin Group, and no one does not know Lin Yuzhen, let alone, Jiang Ning!
This is a man like a god in the East China Sea.
“Mr. Wan, please sit down.”
Lin Yuzhen got up, poured a glass of water for President Wan, and said with a smile, “I don’t know if President Wan is coming to me, what’s the matter?”
President Wan was flattered and took the water with both hands before sitting down.
“I just learned that Mr. Jiang and Mr. Lin bought a house in my real estate. They didn’t know the two of them, and they couldn’t entertain them properly. I was overwhelmed, so I hurried over and apologized to both of you.”
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, but Lin Yu couldn’t help laughing.
“It’s nothing.”
People don’t know them, how can they be served? What’s more, Jiang Ning can only drink a glass of water from beginning to end in less than five minutes from entering the door to swiping his card.
Mr. Wan smiled: “Thank you, Mr. Lin, forgive me.”
He immediately took out the relevant information of ten villas from the bag.
Put another bank card on the table.
“Mr. Lin, our company has the opportunity to enter the East China Sea to develop, thanks to the support of the Lin Group, especially Chairman Lin,”
Mr. Wan smiled and said, “So, I want to give these ten villas to Mr. Jiang and Mr. Lin to express my gratitude.”
He knew that for Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen, money was not a problem at all, but it was his heart.
Lin Yu was really stunned. He didn’t expect Mr. Wan to have such a purpose.
She didn’t know what to say for a while, turned her head to look at Jiang Ning.
“If you give me away, what if people think I have no money in Jiangning?”

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