Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 387

Ye Qingwu’s heart beating, staring at Lin Yuzhen blankly.
I was unhappy in my heart, but no one knew it.
She sang and danced, in the eyes of outsiders, full of energy, sexy and hot, but in her heart, she became more and more unhappy, because it was completely different from her debut in the draft for the sake of her dream.
“How do you feel.”
Ye Qingwu continued to ask.
“Because I was so unhappy before.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “Although I smile at others every day and try to tell myself that everything will be okay, but in my heart, I am actually sad and even a little desperate.”
Ye Qingwu didn’t speak.
She felt that Lin Yu was really talking about her.
The two of them had the same experience. Lin Yu could really feel the same way. She could hear her feelings from her songs.
“But I am very happy now.”
Lin Yuzhen said again, “Because someone around me treats me well, I believe that life will get better and better, so I think this singer will definitely be happy in the future.”
Ye Qingwu smiled and heard the meaning of Lin Yu’s truth.
“It seems that your husband treats you very well.”
“Well, it’s not only good for me, it’s better for my parents.”
Lin Yu was really proud, as if showing off her husband Jiang Ning in front of others.
But she felt that Jiang Ning was worthy of her showing off.
When the car arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Lin Yu really wanted to get off and give Ye Qingwu, but Ye Qingwu refused.
“It’s okay, I can walk to the elevator, thank you for taking me back.”
“I hit you, and you still say thank you.”
Lin Yu was really embarrassed.
She took out her business card: “If there is any problem, you call me and I ran into you, you should be responsible.”
Ye Qingwu didn’t want to pick it up, but for so long, Lin Yuzhen seemed to be the only person who could understand her mood.
She took the business card, put it in her bag, and nodded, “Well, be careful on the road. I have time. I’ll buy you tea.”
Lin Yu really nodded: “Okay, I’ll wait for your call.”
She also had a good impression of Ye Qingwu, a very beautiful girl, her age, temperament, and quality. Such a person would not be annoying anywhere.
Lin Yuzhen left and rushed to the company soon.
As soon as he entered the office and sat down, the director of the propaganda department knocked on the door and walked in.
“Mr. Lin, the new product is about to be released. We are considering that we need to find an image spokesperson. What are the requirements for Lin?”
The new product is a skin care product, which is aimed at young girls. If you want to find a spokesperson, you may also have to find young and good-looking ones.
In her mind, she suddenly thought of the song “Wish”, the person who sang it should be very suitable.
“You can choose the ones that are suitable for you. You can talk about it yourself at the expense. If you ask, you try to ask if the singer who sings “Wish” is willing or not, I feel that she should be very suitable.”
“Yes, then I will contact you now, please don’t worry, President Lin.”
In Lin Yuzhen’s heart, she really wanted to meet that singer, she wanted to know how happy her song was, but her emotions were sad.
At that time.
In the hotel.
Ye Qingwu applied medicine to her ankle and sat on the sofa.
Thinking of Lin Yuzhen, she thought this girl was very interesting. If she met early, she might really become a good friend.
But now she just came to the East China Sea to avoid misfortune, and went back when the matter was resolved.
If I want to make an appointment with Lin Yu to really drink tea, I am afraid there is no chance.
She took out her mobile phone, dialed the agent’s number, and it rang several times before connecting.
“Qing Wu?”
There was a voice on the other side of the phone.
“It’s me, how is it, has the company resolved it?”
She asked anxiously.
If the matter is not resolved, she can’t even go back. The third young master of the Su family doesn’t know how many teenage celebrities have been harmed, and she will be over when she goes back.
Suddenly, there was a voice that was neither Yin nor Yang, and Ye Qingwu’s expression suddenly changed. It was the Young Master Su Family!
She was suddenly shocked and panicked. The agent was threatened?
Her position will also be exposed!
“Ye Qingwu, how do you want to solve it?”
On the other end of the phone, the voice was full of disdain: “I finally called, did you find the location? Dong Hai? Okay, Ye Qingwu, waiting for Lao Tzu in Dong Hai!”

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