Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 389

The waiter was a little excited, and quickly picked up the paper and pen: “I, can I ask you to sign me?”
Ye Qingwu?
The one who sang “Wish”?
Lin Yuzhen was shocked when he heard the name, and stared at Ye Qingwu, who accidentally dropped his sunglasses because of fright.
She is Ye Qingwu, the singer who sang the song “Wish”?
Lin Yu really felt that the world seemed a little too small.
Not long ago, when she was in the car and recommended this song to Ye Qingwu, the singer was not happy to fight back. She suddenly felt that she had a big misunderstanding!
Ye Qingwu didn’t say anything, stretched out her index finger and placed it in front of her lips, beckoning the waiter not to speak loudly, and immediately took the paper and pen, signed the name and returned it to the waiter.
The waiter couldn’t hide his excitement. Knowing that he had violated the working principle, he didn’t dare to say anything again, and quickly completed the check-out procedure for Ye Qingwu.
“Are you Ye Qingwu?”
Lin Yuzhen’s face was a little red, and she was embarrassed to speak.
“Well, it’s me.”
Ye Qingwu was a little funny seeing Lin Yu’s real expression, “I didn’t want to deliberately lie to you.”
“I know that celebrities have to be low-key when they travel, otherwise so many fans will be crazy.”
“But you don’t even know me.”
Ye Qingwu was also a little helpless, her reputation was not small, even the hotel waiter knew him, but Lin Yu really didn’t.
No wonder, as the general manager of the Lin Group, Lin Yu must be very busy. She can only listen to her own songs in the car. She has no energy to pay attention to singers and stars.
“Yuzhen, thank you for caring about my injury, but I can’t go to the club with you.”
Ye Qingwu said directly, “I have an urgent matter and must leave the East China Sea. Just send me to the bus station.”
“Huh? So anxious?”
Lin Yuzhen glanced at Ye Qingwu, she was not stupid, and she could see that Ye Qingwu was a little flustered, even scared.
“What’s wrong, can I help you?”
“Someone wants to harm me.”
Ye Qingwu knows that Lin Yu is really kind, she doesn’t tell the truth, Lin Yu really will not let herself leave in a hurry, “I can’t provoke the other party, and you can’t provoke it, so I can’t bother you.”
“You send me to the station and I will leave Donghai immediately.”
She made it clear, so Lin Yu was really clear.
For the sake of someone who has just met a few days ago, there is no need to offend a big man, she believes that Lin Yu will really make a correct judgment.
Lin Yuzhen was startled.
“Someone wants to harm you?”
She looked nervous, “Are they coming to the East China Sea? Then your car is too slow!”
Ye Qingwu was helpless. She wanted to take the plane and high-speed train, but the other party had already started and restricted her actions.
There is also a car that can ride, which is already very good, although she knows in her heart that she will be overtaken in all likelihood by car.
“No way, this is the only option.”
Ye Qingwu said, “Yuzhen, I am still very happy to meet you. If I still have a chance to meet, I will accompany you to drink tea.”
“It’s okay now.”
Lin Yuzhen said directly.
Ye Qingwu was shocked.
Was she not clear just now?
I’m in trouble, and it’s a big trouble!
The Third Young Master of the Su Family, it is not Lin Yuzhen and the Lin Group such a small company that can afford to provoke her, it will only harm her!
“Uma, I just said, you can’t afford to offend those people, don’t do it for me…”
Ye Qingwu was a little anxious.
Lin Yuzhen wanted to protect herself, the more she didn’t want to hurt Lin Yuzhen.
“My husband said!”
Lin Yuzhen shook his head, his face was full of pride, “In Donghai, there is no one I can’t afford!”

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