Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 392

“Just do it and bring people back!”
Su Ming said coldly, “What forbidden ground, I really think of myself as a pot of vegetables, in front of Shenghai, they are a fart!”
Several subordinates responded immediately.
Indeed, these coastal cities in the southeast have a huge difference in status compared with Shenghai and the large cities in the north.
Even if the East China Sea, known as the Forbidden Land, has been in the limelight recently, it is not comparable in terms of background.
They were cautious, so they asked Su Mingquan for instructions, so that they wouldn’t get into trouble when the Su family had to deal with them. Now that they heard it, Su Mingquan didn’t put any shit in his eyes at all.
After hanging up the phone, Su Mingquan sneered looking at the agent who was kneeling in front of him with a face of fear.
“Do you think that if you let her hide in the East China Sea, that shit forbidden place, I wouldn’t dare to move her?”
The agent shivered, his body was bruised.
“Shao Shao, Qing Wu is ignorant, don’t be familiar with her!”
Su Mingquan raised his hand and slapped it, causing blood to overflow from the corner of the agent’s mouth.
“Your boss dare not talk to me like this!”
Su Mingquan sneered, his face full of disdain.
“I’m telling you, this Ye Qingwu, I’m asleep. Not only do I want to sleep with her, I also have to invest in her, making movies. How can I not make a few classics?”
As soon as he said, the agent’s face suddenly turned pale.
The movie Su Mingquan said in his mouth, where could it be a serious movie.
He is going to ruin Ye Qingwu!
Once that kind of movie was made, Ye Qingwu wouldn’t even want to look up in her life.
It is impossible to put on the clothes that you have taken off!
“Shao Shao! Su Shao!”
The agent hurriedly said, “You have a large number of adults, and a large number of adults…”
He rushed over to beg Su Mingquan, but was dragged by a few people and couldn’t get close at all.
“Throw it out!”
Su Ming said impatiently, “When I get tired of playing Ye Qingwu, you can also have fun!”
“Thank you Su Shao!”
Hearing these words, the agent was desperate and weak, as if he had been emptied of his soul, and was dragged away directly.
He only hopes that Ye Qingwu can escape, even if he gives up her dream, he should leave this cruel circle…
East China Sea.
Following the positioning, Liu Xiaodao and others determined that Ye Qingwu was in the natural clubhouse.
They were still a little surprised, their death was approaching, and Ye Qingwu was still in the mood to do a SPA and take care of himself.
It seems that she has accepted her fate and knows to tidy up a little better, so that she can better serve Su Mingquan.
Several people took a taxi and went straight to the nature club. When they got out of the car, they were about to enter the door when they were stopped.
“Sorry, this club is temporarily closed for business.”
When Lin Yuzhen was inside, the clubhouse was not open to the public. This was a rule set by Huang Yuming to ensure that Lin Yu was really safe and free.
Liu Xiaodao frowned and sneered, “If it’s not open for business, then why is someone already in?”
Ye Qingwu, right inside!
The waiter smiled: “That’s naturally someone who can go in.”
“Go away!”
Liu Xiaodao can remember what Su Mingquan said, in the East China Sea, they just let it go. A waiter would dare to stop himself?
“I want to go in, let me see who of you dare to stop!”
Liu Xiaodao gave a burst of shout and stretched out his hand to push the waiter away, his face full of disdain.
The waiter was not at all annoyed, stood up straight, stared at Liu Xiaodao, and clapped his hands. In an instant, a dozen people rushed out, staring at Liu Xiaodao with murderous vigor.
“They want to disturb my sister-in-law to rest.”
The waiter pointed to Liu Xiaodao and snorted.

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