Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 393

Seeing a dozen people surrounding him, Liu Xiaodao didn’t have any fear, but he was a little surprised.
There are so many guards in a small town clubhouse.
Who is their sister-in-law?
Ye Qingwu really knows how to pick a place. She hides in such a place. It seems that she still doesn’t admit her mistake and wants to provoke Su Shao.
“Excuse me.”
Now the person in charge guarding the clubhouse is thirteen. He ranks thirteenth in the Wolves team, but ranks in the top five in strength. He was a little excited when he heard someone coming to the clubhouse to make trouble.
Brother Gou followed Huang Yuming to build a state and re-established order. This East China Sea was left to guard.
The Nature Club, that is a very important place, is a place for Jiangning and Lin Yuzhen to rest and relax.
Just like this, anyone dares to make trouble?
“You guys are so courageous.”
Thirteen sternly said, “Give you a chance, get out now!”
They all remember what Jiang Ning taught to convince people with virtue.
“It’s really arrogant, it’s a small club, and you dare to talk to me like this!”
On the contrary, Liu Xiaodao was annoyed and sneered, “What about a dozen people? Get out of here, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
As soon as he clenched his fist, his whole momentum suddenly came out.
He really didn’t pay attention to these people.
Before he could make a move, Thirteen moved first.
It looked like a monkey, surprisingly fast, and instantly rushed to Liu Xiaodao and slapped him severely.
This slap slapped Liu Xiaodao directly away!
To convince people with virtue, the opportunity has already been given, but these guys don’t cherish it.
“You…I’m from the Sheng Haisu family!”
Liu Xiaodao didn’t expect that when the other party said to do it, he covered his face and shouted angrily.
“Su Family?”
Thirteen frowned.
Liu Xiaodao looked at his expression, knowing that he was frightened, blushing, got up and rushed to the front of Shisan, wanting to get the slap back!
But wherever I thought, Shisan slapped another face on Liu Xiaodao’s face again.
Suddenly, two symmetrical slap prints were impressed on Liu Xiaodao’s face!
This slap made Liu Xiaodao’s head dizzy and almost unsteady.
“Sheng Haisu’s family, then it’s not from the East China Sea,” Thirteen said lightly. “Big Brother said, no one is allowed to make trouble in the East China Sea. Throw them out for me!”
Before Liu Xiaodao reacted, more than a dozen people rushed over, knocked a few people unconscious, stuffed them into the car, and transported them directly outside the provincial road boundary marker and left them on the side of the road.
Their mobile phones, wallets, and even their shoes were stripped off, sitting on the side of the road, almost desperate!
What the hell is this East China Sea?
They reported their family, saying that it was the Su family of Shenghai, but they were going to be beaten?
Now the shoes are gone, the mobile phones are gone, and the clothes on his body are all stripped clean, leaving them with a pair of pants.
Donghai dare not go back and go to other places. When will it have to go?
Even if you want to contact the Su family, you have to have a phone call. If you want to stop the car on the road, when others see them like this, they will immediately step on the accelerator and slam them, for fear that they may be insane.
Liu Xiaodao almost wanted to cry, what the hell is this!
When have they been so embarrassed, they are members of the Sheng Haisu family, this is more than killing them and making them feel awkward.
At this moment, inside the nature club.
Thirteen walked to the door and said respectfully: “Sister-in-law, someone is making trouble outside, saying it’s Sheng Haisu’s family.”
Hearing this, Ye Qingwu suddenly became a little nervous.

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