Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 396

Disheveled, unkempt, embarrassed like a few stray dogs!
Liu Xiaodao wanted to cry without tears. If it hadn’t been for the big sister of the commissary to ask them to make a call, they were still wandering on the road, and their feet had worn out and the blood would not stop.
“Shao Shao, the East China Sea is really forbidden!”
Liu Xiaodao cried.
Liu Xiaodao has never suffered such a shame!
Even in Shenghai, as Su Mingquan’s subordinates, he has a somewhat thin face, in circles on the ground and in the underground. Who doesn’t know him?
Who would dare to do this to him.
He stripped his clothes naked and threw them to the side of the road, looking like a beggar.
Especially, when I think of Shisan’s eyes, that kind of indifferent and disdain, even if I hear Sheng Haisu’s family, he doesn’t care.
This East China Sea is definitely not simple!
Su Ming didn’t speak at all, frowned, thinking about things in his heart.
“Shao Shao, this East China Sea is not easy, it’s not easy to move before you know the details!”
Su Mingquan raised his hand and slapped Liu Xiaodao’s face fiercely.
“I want you to teach me to do things?”
He said viciously.
Liu Xiaodao covered his face and dared not say a word, for fear of annoying Su Mingquan again.
He reminded him kindly, but Su Mingquan didn’t care at all. As the third young master of the Su family, Su Mingquan was indeed an extraordinary person. There were not many people in Shenghai who could see him.
But that Donghai… after all, the foul name is out!
Su Mingquan snorted, and Liu Xiaodao’s head was lowered.
“Go, call that agent Wang Wei over.”
Su Mingquan ordered.
He is not stupid, unlike the dudes of other families, Su Mingquan still has a bit of a brain.
The people in Donghai, after hearing the name of the Sheng Haisu’s family, even dared to do something, not to mention that their backgrounds are all strong, but at least they are all ruthless.
Su Mingquan knows the reason why strong dragons do not crush ground snakes.
In Shenghai, he didn’t care about these people at all, pinched to death with just one finger.
But in the East China Sea, if the boat overturns in the gutter, it is a little embarrassing and damages the reputation of the Su family, then he will definitely be beaten to death by Lao Tzu when he goes back!
Soon, Ye Qingwu’s agent Wang Wei was dragged in.
He was a little embarrassed, his face was very ugly, and he shrank there for fear that Su Mingquan would beat him again.
“Shao Su…I, I really said everything.”
Wang Wei trembled, full of helplessness.
“Don’t be afraid, I don’t ask you anything, I call you, because there is a task for you,”
Su Mingquan squatted down and said with a hippie smile, “Simple things, if you are done, I will let you go.”
Wang Wei’s Adam’s apple slipped: “Shao Shao, please say!”
“Go to the East China Sea and bring Ye Qingwu back to me.”
Hearing this, Wang Wei’s expression changed, and asked him to go to the East China Sea to bring Ye Qingwu back?
Didn’t that hurt Ye Qingwu!
He immediately shook his head.
Su Mingquan raised his hand for a lifetime, grabbing Wang Wei’s hair fiercely, and his face immediately became ugly.
“You fucking dare to shake your head?”
Another slap!
The corner of Wang Wei’s mouth suddenly overflowed with blood, and his teeth became loose.
“Shao Shao… why have you been… always embarrassing Ye Qingwu, she is just a girl who wants to sing!”
Wang Wei gritted his teeth and roared, “Do you have to kill them all!”
“Ha ha!
Su Mingquan grabbed Wang Wei’s hair and said viciously, “Yes, I just want to kill her! Wang Wei, are you looking at Ye Qingwu?”
“Don’t worry, when I have enough fun, you will have a chance.”
“I won’t go!”
Wang Wei shouted, “If you have the ability, you will kill me!”
“Tsk tusk, it’s really touching.”
Su Mingquan released his hands and clapped, with an expression of admiration on his face, “With such an agent who protects artists, the entertainment industry should give you awards.
Wang Wei did not speak, but his eyes were firm.
Su Mingquan still had a smile on his face, but looked very gloomy.
He listened to Wang Wei with an exaggerated expression, and deliberately lowered his voice: “Are you not going? It’s okay, I just happen to have invited your parents to me. If you don’t go, then I have to beg They are.”

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