Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 399

“Hello, I’m looking for Ye Qingwu. My name is Wang Wei. It’s her friend. Is she here?”
Wang Wei was very polite and asked with a smile.
Jiang Ning nodded and pointed to the door, “Just go in.”
“Thank you.”
Wang Wei quickly ran in.
In the hall, Ye Qingwu had packed up her suitcase and said goodbye to Lin Yuzhen and the others.
“I will come to the East China Sea to play in the future. Anyway, there are many rooms at home, and there is a place for you to live.
Su Mei smiled and said.
“Well, Auntie, I will definitely come. I love the dishes you cook, but I won’t be polite to you.”
Ye Qingwu and Su Mei gave a light hug.
After staying for just a few days, she really likes it here, there is no sense of separation, just like her own home.
She walked up to Lin Yuzhen and took Lin Yuzhen’s hand.
“It’s really worthwhile to come to Donghai to meet you and to know a good friend like you.”
Ye Qingwu took a deep breath, “Yuzhen, thank you!”
Lin Yuzhen said, “Me too.”
Wang Wei walked in, saw Ye Qingwu, and immediately walked to her.
“Qing Wu! I finally found you!”
He turned his head and thanked the others: “During this time, thank you for taking care of Qingwu. Thank you so much!”
Lin Yuzhen and others smiled and said you’re welcome.
“Are everything packed?”
Wang Wei asked, “I have already bought the ticket, let’s go back soon!”
Ye Qingwu nodded, “Then let’s go.”
After speaking, Wang Wei went to help her carry the suitcase, waved to Lin Yuzhen, and left.
At the door, Jiang Ning stood there, took off his gloves, and shook the dust.
“Just go back?”
He asked casually.
“Well, the matter is resolved, we must go back.”
Ye Qingwu had a good impression of Jiang Ning. Such a man who loved his wife would appreciate it.
What’s more, she can tell from Lin Yuzhen that Jiang Ning is very powerful!
“Then if the matter has not been resolved, you go back now, do you know what the consequences are?”
Jiang Ning laughed, and immediately looked at Wang Wei, “If it’s just death, then I’m afraid it’s a relief, but what if life is better than death?”
Upon hearing this, Wang Wei’s face changed drastically.
Ye Qingwu was even more startled, a little stunned.
She turned her head and saw Wang Wei’s face turned pale and frowned slightly, feeling something was wrong.
“What nonsense are you talking about?”
Wang Wei hurriedly said, “The matter must be resolved, otherwise how come I will pick Qingwu back!”
“Could it be that I will harm her?”
His tone was a bit agitated, and he took Ye Qingwu’s hand and left, “Qingwu, let’s go!”
“what happened?”
Ye Qingwu shook off Wang Wei’s hand, and she heard it. Wang Wei’s voice was trembling. He had never been like this before. This thing was very wrong.
“Wang Wei, tell me the truth, did the matter remain unresolved? Are you just trying to trick me back to Shenghai?”
Her voice suddenly became angry.
Wang Wei gritted his teeth: “No! Let’s go quickly!”
He wanted to step out, stand aside, and keep helping Lin Wen open up wasteland. The youngest who had just put down his hoe immediately blocked his way.
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, scanned Wang Wei up and down, and shook his head.
“You know very well that if you bring Qing Wu back to Shenghai now, she will definitely be better than dead, and she will be ruined in this life. Wouldn’t your conscience hurt in this way?”
Wang Wei trembled, his fists clenched, his eyes turned red in an instant, and he suddenly shouted in grief.
“Then what can I do? They want to kill my parents!”
After speaking, he slumped on the ground, howling!

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