Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 40

“You are not qualified to know.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “Come to me to make trouble, but it’s the third time.”
He had warned Black Tiger, but Black Tiger would not listen.
If this were on the battlefield, Jiang Ning would not give him any chance and directly obliterate it!
“Huh, what a big tone! Where is Huang Yuming? Let him come out to see me!”
Heihu took a step back unconsciously.
There was a faint feeling in his heart that the man in front of him was probably the one who Huang Yuming spoke of, and he was really arrogant!
Jiang Ning ignored him.
Staring at Heihu, his voice became cold: “In the East China Sea, you are the first person who doesn’t have long eyes.”
As soon as the voice fell, he moved!
The speed is extremely fast!
As if only an afterimage glided past, Brother Gou and the others could see blood spurting!
There was a loud noise, and the ground seemed to shake.
Immediately, it was a heart-piercing scream!
The black tiger bent his legs and knelt on the ground, his knees sinking directly into the ground!
The pain caused Heihu’s face to become pale suddenly. He stretched out his hand to support the ground and tried to stand up, but he couldn’t even pull his leg out.
His leg was broken and he was completely paralyzed at the moment, and he couldn’t feel anything except the pain.
“This is a small punishment.”
Jiang Ning was condescending, looking at the black tiger, “Are you going to take it?”
Heihu took a deep breath, his face flushed, and the intense pain made his sane more sober.
He stared at Jiang Ning stubbornly. He didn’t expect that Jiang Ning said that he would do it with his hands, and he was so powerful that he just… how did he make the move?
I didn’t see it clearly, how could I react to it!
This is the person Huang Yuming says he can’t afford to provoke?
When did such a terrifying guy appear in Donghae City!
“I, I’m not convinced, you dare to kill me!”
The black tiger gritted his teeth and roared, his eyes red.
With another kick, he kicked directly on the black tiger’s chin, and with a click, the black tiger broke his jaw bone and fell to the ground, unable to even speak.
Jiang Ning has no extra nonsense at all.
Then let you take it!
Around, the men brought by Heihu were stunned.
Isn’t this too domineering?
Jiang Ning said that he would do it with his hands. That was a black tiger, a well-known ruthless man in the underground circle.
But now it was beaten by Jiang Ning so hard to fight back, not to mention, now he didn’t even have the strength to fight back.
They held sticks in their hands, but no one dared to move.
Jiang Ning glanced around, and they all stepped back subconsciously!
He didn’t care about these rubbish at all.
“Throw this rubbish out, and whoever dares to come in and make trouble, fight it out.”
After Jiang Ning finished speaking, he turned and left.
Brother Gou is extremely excited!
He had never seen a man as powerful as Jiang Ning in his entire life. Heihu was not even as good as an ant in front of Jiang Ning.
“Throw it out!”
Brother Gou personally grabbed the black tiger with a few people, as if he had lost a dead dog and threw it out.
No one dared to move those Black Tiger subordinates!
They watched Heihu pass out, with blood on his face, they could only carefully lift Heihu into the car and leave quickly.
Those bastards on the construction site looked a little numb when watching this scene.
They knew Jiang Ning was great, but they didn’t expect Jiang Ning to be so arrogant!
That’s the black tiger!
There is a famous ruthless person in the underground circle of Donghai City. It is said that he has seen blood in his hand, but Jiang Ning…the look in the black tiger’s eyes is no different from the look of a dog.
How powerful is this?
“Brother Dog, who the hell is he.”
A bastard couldn’t help asking Brother Dog, “In Donghai, when did such a terrible person appear?”
“Who is he?”
Brother Dog snorted, “You are not qualified to know, I can only tell you, don’t provoke him!”
Who is Jiang Ning, even Brother Dog doesn’t know, he only knows that in front of Jiang Ning, even Huang Yuming must be respectful!
The whole construction site fell silent. Soon, those bastards went back to move bricks to work in silence, and the thoughts that had originally appeared in their hearts were completely obliterated by Jiang Ninggang’s feet.
Jiang Ning’s shot shocked the audience!

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