Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 401

Isn’t this nonsense?
Lin Yu really couldn’t see Ye Qingwu being bullied in this way, let alone watch her fall into the fire pit. Anyway, she had to take care of this matter.
“All right.”
Standing on the side, Jiang Ning, who had not spoken, spoke up.
“Yuzhen, don’t make trouble.”
He frowned slightly: “You can’t help me if you go. Besides, is there nothing to do in the company?”
Lin Yu was really aggrieved. How could Jiang Ning say that? Did he have to watch Ye Qingwu go back to suffer?
“I’ll just go.”
But Jiang Ning’s next sentence made Lin Yuzhen’s eyes widen.
Even Wang Wei and Ye Qingwu didn’t react.
He wants to go to Shenghai with himself.
Lin Yu really knew that she was causing Jiang Ning’s trouble again. She always troubled Jiang Ning, but she couldn’t help him. Lin Yuzhen suddenly felt that she was so useless.
Jiang Ning walked to Lin Yuzhen, stretched out his hand and scratched her nose gently.
“Fool, if you don’t work well, how can you make money to support me?”
He laughed, “The company has too many things to be busy, so you can stay in Donghai with peace of mind. Qingwu’s side, I will accompany her back, you can rest assured.”
With Jiang Ning following back, Lin Yu was really worried.
Her husband never made her worry. From the moment he met Jiang Ning, there was nothing to do, and it was hard to get Jiang Ning.
Lin Yu really nodded her head obediently.
Ye Qingwu still didn’t react.
“I will accompany you to Shenghai,”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at Wang Wei. This kid is still affectionate and righteous, otherwise he won’t care, “Don’t worry, your parents will be fine, and the Su family is nothing.”
Wang Wei was shocked, as if he couldn’t believe it, even in Shenghai, few people dared to say such a thing.
What’s the Su family?
On Shenghai’s side, the Su family is extraordinary!
He was a little worried, fearing that Ye Qingwu would have an accident when he went back, and now he would still hurt her friends in the East China Sea.
“Yes, but…”
“What nonsense!”
The third child couldn’t stand it, and shouted, “My eldest brother will come out in person, what are you worried about?”
For this kind of thing, Jiang Ning didn’t need to take any action personally. A few of them would be able to save someone out.
But obviously, when Jiang Ning went, it was not just about saving people.
“Jiangning, thank you.”
Ye Qingwu didn’t know what to say, Jiang Ning had already helped her once, and now he had to go to Shenghai, the place of right and wrong, in person for her.
“You’re welcome.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “My wife’s good sister, you can’t always watch something happen. She’s upset, so she can’t work hard, can’t work, how can we make money to support me?”
The inhumane Jiang Ning is always asking Lin Yu to earn money to support her! It’s too much!
With a puff, Su Yun couldn’t help laughing, and the atmosphere suddenly became relaxed.
Even Ye Qingwu felt a little less desperate than before.
Of course she knew that Jiang Ning was joking in order to relax everyone’s mood.
If a powerful man like Jiang Ning still needs someone to raise him, then the world would be terrible.
Soon, Jiang Ning called out a few people from Brother Gou, and he didn’t need many people to go to Shenghai.
Lin Yuzhen and others are naturally relieved with him. They know how powerful Jiangning is. As long as Jiangning says it can be solved, it will definitely be solved!
The most exciting thing is Brother Gou, who can follow Jiang Ning out to do things again.
“Agou, take you to meet the world.”

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