Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 409

Su Bowen, the owner of the Su family, has a headache for this.
He had just heard that Su Mingquan had once again acted on Ye Qingwu, the now popular singer, so that the boss of the other company couldn’t bear it, so he approached the door directly.
Su Bowen naturally disdains, but this has a great impact on the reputation of the Su family!
The Su family wants to develop better and better in Shenghai. In many cases, reputation is more important. Today’s Su family wants to go further and rely on more than money.
“Patriarch, the third young master is back.”
The butler stepped forward.
“Let him come and see me!”
Su Bowen was a little angry.
Without having to call the housekeeper, Su Mingquan ran in by himself, feeling embarrassed.
Seeing that Su Mingquan’s entire face was almost swollen, Su Bowen was shocked just when he wanted to start cursing.
“What’s the matter? Who hit you in the face?”
Own baby son, who dares to fight!
This is Shenghai!
“Dad! You have to call me the shots!”
Su Mingquan was full of grievances, “Don’t I just want to sleep with a little star? Her friend dare to attack me, look at this face!”
“It’s not just my face, it’s the Su Family’s face!”
Su Bowen said angrily, “Even people from the Su family dare to fight, doesn’t he want to live anymore!”
For his little son, he and his two eldest brothers are very fond of him, otherwise, why would Su Mingquan dare to be so arrogant and domineering?
“It’s from Donghae!”
“East China Sea?”
Su Bowen frowned. Recently, he has not heard of this place name less, and even heard some rumors from friends in several families in the north.
This East China Sea is not simple.
Even the Luo family seems to have lost their own territory, obviously there are very powerful people behind them.
“How could you provoke the people of Donghae?”
Su Bowen’s face sank, “Have I ever reminded you to go to play, but in some circles, you don’t want to go in! Didn’t you listen?”
Su Mingquan was even more aggrieved. “Your son was beaten. It’s okay for you. If you don’t avenge me, you still scold me?”
“Do you know, that person almost killed me!”
Hearing that, Su Bowen’s expression changed. The people of Donghai are so overbearing?
“If I hadn’t said that I belonged to the Su family, he might have done it.”
Su Ming thought that Jiangning didn’t dare to kill himself because of his identity. He reported the name of the Su family. If Jiangning dared to kill himself, it means that the Su family can’t help Jiangning.
But Jiang Ning didn’t dare to start, it was enough to show that he was still afraid of the Su family!
Su Bowen also has this kind of speculation.
“What’s the origin of that person?”
“do not know.”
“What does it have to do with Ye Qingwu?”
“do not know.”
Su Bowen really wanted to slap it over, knowing nothing?
“It seems to be a friend.”
“That’s right, it’s just a little star, a friend, it’s just a lesson to you, it won’t kill you.”
Su Bowen nodded, feeling a little clear in his heart.
The people of the East China Sea, who are powerful, must have a background in the north, otherwise how could they occupy the underground circle of the sky, no wonder the north is quiet for the time being.
He taught Su Mingquan, but he didn’t dare to kill Su Mingquan, which made it even more clear that the other party was still jealous of his Su family.
“What else did he say.”
Su Bowen continued to ask.
“He said, Donghai and Su’s family, the water in the well does not offend the river…”
Su Mingquan was a little angry, “He beat me all, and said that the well water does not offend the river? Dad, you have to avenge me, or I will find my second brother, and I have to kill him!”

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