Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 410

“Shut up for me!”
Su Bowen shouted coldly, with a serious appearance that shocked Su Mingquan.
He had never seen Subowen’s face so cold.
“Huh, don’t know whether you live or die!”
Su Bowen sneered, “If people don’t kill you, they may not be afraid of our Su family. They are just a little star and it’s not worth it.”
“Forbidden land in the East China Sea, now that prestige is everywhere. Don’t provoke me so as not to cause trouble to the Su family. Of course, he must not dare to touch you anymore. My Su family doesn’t dare to kill everyone!”
He concluded that the people in Donghai must be jealous of his Su family. In that case, he was only teaching Su Mingquan, and there was no need to make things worse.
“I warn you, don’t make trouble for me. My Su family is at an important juncture. If there is a difference, let alone outsiders, I can’t spare you!”
Su Mingquan dared to say anything, shivering with fright, he had never seen Su Bowen so stressed.
He can only lower his head and obediently, but in his heart he secretly said: “If you don’t help me take revenge, I will find my second brother to kill him! Humph!”
“From today, don’t go out, just stay at home.”
Su Bowen issued an order, “You are not allowed to go anywhere without my permission!”
When Su Ming heard it all, how could he hold it back?
As soon as he was about to speak, he was so frightened by Subowen’s stern eyes that he did not dare to speak.
“Also, don’t provoke Ye Qingwu again, don’t touch those Yingying and Yanyan! Did you hear me clearly?”
“Got it.”
Su Mingquan bowed his head and responded.
“Go back to the room!”
Su Ming was aggrieved, he was beaten by someone, and almost died.
He even kowtowed Ye Qingwu for mercy. How could he bear such a humiliating thing?
He came home to invite masters to kill Jiang Ning and the others!
Not only did he fail to take revenge, he was scolded by Subowen, and his heart was even more angry!
Su Bowen stood in the living room, pacing back and forth, frowning and thinking for a while.
“The Donghai people obviously don’t want to conflict with my Su family,”
He judged, “Huh, it seems that I am still afraid of my Su family. After all, in this Shenghai, there are only the other two that can compete with my Su family. The little Donghai, the strong dragon does not suppress the snake, they have not yet Qualified to break the wrist with my Su family.”
Su Bowen knew it.
This forbidden area in the East China Sea is now very famous in the southeast, and even people in the north are talking about it.
Although not much information has been leaked, it is vaguely known that there must be someone behind it. Otherwise, how can it replace the original Fu?
Since Donghai didn’t want to make things big, he didn’t want to make extravagance either.
Just take this opportunity to teach Su Mingquan a lesson, so that when he provokes people who shouldn’t be provoke, it will cause more trouble to the Su family!
“Now, it’s a critical time. Who can go further with the Su family and the other two depends on the past two years.”
Su Bowen squinted, and his pupils were full of ambition!
Su Mingquan can’t count on his three sons, but the other two are good and strong enough, and they are very united, which is enough to give him the Su family a chance to rise to the next level.
He doesn’t expect anything else, it’s enough to let the Su Family stand on top of Shenghai!
At that time.
Jiang Ning sent Ye Qingwu home.
Until this moment, Ye Qingwu hadn’t recovered yet, always feeling that all this was like a dream.
Jiang Ning in front of him is the person in the dream, because only the person in the dream can be so powerful.
“You are all right not to kill Su Ming.”
Ye Qingwu said, “The Su family is very powerful in Shenghai, and few people dare to provoke them.”
She felt that Jiang Ning must also take this into consideration, so she could help her out and solve the trouble.
Jiang Ning didn’t explain much, and nodded, “Take a good rest, then Su Mingquan dare not trouble you anymore.”
“Other people don’t dare.”
As long as the news that Su Mingquan was beaten out, Ye Qingwu is safe now. Who wants to be the next Su Mingquan?
“thank you.”
Ye Qingwu said gratefully.
“You’re welcome, you are Yu’s real friend.”
Ye Qingwu nodded.
Indeed, it was precisely because she was Lin Yu’s true friend that Jiang Ning would make the move.
Otherwise, how could Jiangning help herself?
She really envied Lin Yuzhen.
“Okay, I’m leaving, I will go to the East China Sea when I have time. Yu is really looking forward to your visit.”
In Jiangning’s mouth, Lin Yuzhen had almost never left.
After speaking, Jiang Ning left with Brother Dog.
Ye Qingwu closed the door and leaned against it, feeling all this like an illusion.
Fortunately, the trouble was finally resolved, and she could continue to live.
Sitting in the car, Brother Gou tried to speak several times, but then stopped. It can be seen that Jiang Ning closed his eyes and rested, and did not dare to bother, his face almost blushed.
“Ask if you have anything.”
Jiang Ning still closed his eyes and spoke lightly.
“Brother, I don’t have a good brain, I really don’t understand it!”
“Why don’t you understand?”
“Why… why not kill Su Mingquan!”
Brother Gou couldn’t help it, “So how many people did Su Ming commit as a criminal offense? The information from Lao Zhao is enough for this bastard to die 10,000 times, but you… why don’t you kill him?”
“In this way, they will think that our Donghai is afraid of his Su family!”

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