Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 415

Several executives nodded vigorously: “Yes, Brother Ning!”
“Family of the deceased, try to comfort him. He sacrificed for my Lin family to open up the border and crack the soil. The pension is 3 million to ensure the life of his family and try his best to solve other problems of his family.”
Jiang Ning said, “I will attend the memorial service and personally apologize to his parents.”
Hearing this, the eyes of several executives turned redder.
As an ordinary person, it is too late to hide in this kind of thing, and will never be willing to contact the family of the deceased, so as not to get into more trouble.
But Jiang Ning gave the deceased enough respect.
Not only is he not stingy on the pension, but also to hold a memorial service for him, and even personally condolences and apologize to the other parent’s parents!
The corners of Lin Yuzhen’s eyes were red, and he had no opinion on Jiang Ning’s way of dealing with the aftermath. He admired her as a man more and more.
“Every employee is a family member of the Lin Group. It is my responsibility for me to fail to protect him.”
Jiangning said, “Go and make arrangements.”
Several executives walked out immediately.
Seeing the anxiety and worry on Lin Yuzhen’s face, Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the tears from the corner of her eye.
He knew that Lin Yu would really blame himself, and felt that it was her that caused this incident. After all, if she could take all the responsibilities alone, it would not happen.
“The process of growing up is very difficult, but after choosing, no one will regret it.”
Jiang Ning said softly, “I believe that the future Lin family can give employees more sense of security and dignity. This requires more effort from us, you know.”
“Well, I get it.”
Lin Yu really nodded.
“Then you, what are you going to do next?”
“Someone secretly used such cruel methods, I naturally want him to pay a heavy price!”
If this matter can’t be handled well, then Jiangning won’t even think about going north to plan.
If someone dared to be so provocative, let them see how terrifying it would be if the God of War is angry!
Dare to start with ordinary employees, Jiang Ning will definitely want them to pay back their blood debts!
Soon, Huang Yuming returned.
Hearing the news, he hurried back as soon as possible.
Jiang Ning is just one word.
This matter must be investigated as soon as possible. Huang Yuming discussed with Lao Zhang and Lao Zhao, and a decision was made immediately.
Huang Yuming returned to the southeastern region, especially Jianzhou, where they had just developed the market and strictly checked all information.
On the other hand, Lao Zhao’s intelligence network and Lao Zhang’s investigations on the ground are carried out simultaneously, and no one will relax unless the investigation becomes clear.
The Lin Group posted an obituary, which moved the employees of the company very much.
Especially what Jiang Ning said and the arrangement of the aftermath work made people feel that Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen had always regarded everyone as a member of the Lin Group!
Anyone leaving will make them sad and sad.
And anyone who hurts Lin Group employees will make them angry even more!
“Working for such a company is worth it.”
Chen Yu sighed, his eyes flushed.
Here, it is not just a place to work, a place to make money to support a family, but also to give everyone dignity. She has never seen such a company. Most of the profits are used for public welfare, and most of the remaining half are given to employees. Improve welfare.
The Lin family and Jiang Ning themselves never regarded making money for themselves as their goal.
This is a big ship, to unite more people and do more meaningful things!
“Even if I die, I will be Lin’s person!”
Secretary Xiao Zhao clenched his fists tightly and said firmly.
Soon, there is a clue!

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