Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 418

“I… I can’t say!”
The man struggled and shook his head. If he had said this rule of the assassin world, even if Jiang Ning was not him, he would definitely die.
The people of the killer organization will never let him go, he will die miserably!
Jiang Ning took a look, didn’t speak, turned around and left.
And Brother Gou, continue to grab the man’s fifth finger…
In the car, Huang Yuming lit a cigarette for Jiang Ning.
“Heishan old noodle restaurant is a stronghold of the assassin organization in the southeast, and the assassin has confessed it.”
He said coldly, “This killer organization is a giant internationally, and I didn’t expect it to penetrate so deeply.”
“This world is unimaginably complicated, and you will know it later.”
Jiang Ning didn’t say much, “Drive and go to Heishan Noodle Shop.”
He doesn’t care about that killer’s life or death. This kind of scumbag who is a criminal offender has no right to breathe anymore.
Brother Gou would break his ten fingers, and then break every bone in his body, let him confess in pain, and pray for his next life in the fear of death, and be a kind person.
Old noodle restaurant in Montenegro.
Just in Jianzhou, the store is not big, the walls are even darkened, greasy and greasy, there is no appetite, and there is no business in the deserted.
This kind of store hidden deep in the alley is not a regular customer, and it may not even be easy to find.
The night gradually fell, and there was only the boss in the shop, sitting at the door, smoking a cigarette, his wrinkled face, with a kind of vicissitudes and turmoil.
Occasionally a few people pass by the door, and the boss doesn’t look up. It seems obvious that these people won’t come in and order a bowl of noodles.
Da da da.
The sound of footsteps came, and he heard that they were two people.
With the sound of footsteps getting closer, the boss saw two pairs of feet appearing in his field of vision.
“Boss, is it closed?”
When the boss heard this, his eyes shrank slightly, “You guys, want to eat noodles?”
“Well, a bowl of long life.”
Hearing these words, the boss nodded, got up, stepped aside, let two people in.
“Wait a minute.”
After speaking, he walked into the kitchen.
Jiang Ning and Huang Yuming walked in. There were only a few tables in the shop. There were soy sauce and vinegar bottles on the table, and the lid was covered with dust.
Huang Yuming pulled a chair, swept away the dust on it, let Jiang Ning sit down, turned his head and glanced at the kitchen.
“Boss, how long does it take to face each other?”
In the kitchen, there was a voice with a hint of smile, “My noodle restaurant has been open for decades, and all the regular customers have come. I didn’t expect that the new customers came today. It’s really fun.”
In the kitchen, there was the sound of a fire brushing the pot, and soon there was water in the face, making noises.
“You two, wait a minute, the longevity noodles will be ready soon!”
Behind the kitchen, the boss yelled, and immediately, his smiling face sank instantly, becoming cold and cunning.
He walked very lightly, opened the fire to the maximum, let the water boil, then turned and ran towards the back door.
Stores like him have always had regular customers, without introductions from acquaintances, there would be no new customers at all.
Even if Jiang Ning and the others should have met just now, they all met, but the boss is still vigilant!
If he does his job, if he doesn’t raise his vigilance at any time, he will be dead long ago!
Opening the door opened, the boss ran away, but just after two steps, the whole person was nailed there suddenly, his face was full of murderous aura!
“Who are you guys anyway!”
“Boss, don’t make longevity noodles? If you don’t make them, then you will have to die tonight!”

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