Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 427

Huang Fang turned his head to look, and he was shocked. A group of people came over, without even looking at them, they were ready to grab the position directly.
“and many more!”
Seeing a few people want to use their equipment, Huang Fang ran over immediately.
“What are you doing? We came to this place first. If you want to shoot, please find another place by yourself.”
There are so many places on the beach, and there are so many places on the beach. It’s a bit too much to grab their place.
The leader raised his head and glanced at Huang Fang, then looked at the promotional board set aside, and couldn’t help but sneered: “Let you get out of here, just get out of here! Don’t be boring!”
“This position is the best, I can see it, so I want it.”
He spoke lightly and looked very impatient.
“You are too domineering!”
Huang Fang was angry.
This is not in the East China Sea, but people can’t be bullied like this either.
He got up at four o’clock to prepare. He was the first one to enter the field to find a position. The guy in front of him was overbearing.
“Yes, it’s so overbearing.”
The man’s face sank, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, now it’s too late to get out, wait for me to do it, your equipment will be smashed by me!”
Huang Fang’s expression changed, and the other staff around him were equally angry.
They have never seen such an arrogant person!
I don’t want to line up without reason, I want to directly occupy their position, and even threaten them to smash their equipment!
“Dare you!”
Several staff members immediately guarded their equipment.
Today’s task is very important, and they chose a date for this purpose in order to wait for the best weather and get the best results.
Now the location is set, the time is set, everything is ready, suddenly someone comes and says to grab the location, grab the location, and smash the equipment, they dare to move, Huang Fang and others dare to work hard!
“court death?”
The man who took the lead gave a sneer, his face completely sank, his hand raised, “Throw me their things into the sea!”
“I want you to shoot? I’ll shoot in the sea!”
As soon as the voice fell, the few people behind the man rushed over to grab equipment.
Huang Fang was anxious and said angrily: “Protect the equipment!”
“I’m fighting with you!”
He rushed over with a roar.
He gave a sinister laugh, raised his hand with a kick, kicked Huang Fang’s chest fiercely, kicked him out, and rolled a few laps on the beach, his face covered with sand.
“I don’t know how to live or die, and I don’t even inquire about it. In this film, who dares to grab a position with me?”
The man who took the lead yelled, “Dog stuff, if you don’t roll, I will kill you!”
A few people robbed the equipment, it was obviously aimed at destroying the equipment, while another person squeezed his fist and wanted to hit someone!
Huang Fang and other staff members were guarding their own equipment, letting those fists hit them hard and not letting them destroy the equipment.
Several people in Huang Fang screamed, but they refused to let go.
“Don’t move my device! Don’t move!”
He roared, his eyes red, “I told you not to move!”
“Oh shit!”
The man who took the lead got angry and spit, “Fuck you shamelessly, I have to smash your camera!”
He rushed up and kicked directly on Huang Fang’s back, fiercely.
Huang Fang suddenly yelled in pain and let go of his hand subconsciously.
“I will let you protect! Let you protect!”
The man in the lead yelled, kicked the camera, and directly kicked the lens to pieces, and the fragments were scattered on the ground.
Huang Fang was annoyed, as if he was mad, he rushed forward and hit the man in the lead with a fist: “Bad son, I’m fighting with you!”
He was a gentleman, how could he be an opponent, he was knocked to the ground by that man in an instant.
The man looked at Huang Fang who fell on the ground with disdain, “Trash, you want to grab a spot with me? I don’t know if my third brother Guo is not easy to mess with?”
“Throw their things into the sea. If anyone is not convinced, throw him into the sea too!”

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