Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 428

After that, he didn’t even look at Huang Fang and the others, so he sent someone to dismantle the studio that Huang Fang had built.
“Who dares to move, try.”
Suddenly, a voice came, seeming to have magical power, and the few people who were about to reach out to tear down the studio could not help but shocked, as if they were hit by a chill in an instant.
The third elder brother turned his head, squinted his eyes, and saw a few people coming, headed by just a shameless man.
But the two women following the man suddenly made his eyes light up.
The job he took was used to take promotional photos. The model he invited was already very beautiful, but compared to the two women in front of him, he became an ugly duckling at that moment.
Brother Guo suddenly smiled.
Unexpectedly, not to mention being able to grab the best position, even the model, people will come to their door.
“Oh, two beauties, are you here to make a commercial? Coincidentally, your third brother Guo wants to do it too. How about you model me?
As if he hadn’t seen Jiang Ning, Brother Guo stared straight at Lin Yuzhen and Ye Qingwu, “By the way, you can’t shoot anymore, the cameras are broken.”
There is a kind of provocation and disdain in his words.
Lin Yu really didn’t speak, her face was filled with anger!
“Brother Ning!”
When Huang Fang saw Jiang Ning coming, he immediately got up and blamed himself, “I…I didn’t stop them.”
Jiang Ning nodded and patted his shoulder: “You’re right, you’re doing a good job, go get ready, we are ready to start shooting.”
Huang Fang turned his head and glanced at Third Brother Guo, without saying anything, and nodded immediately: “Yes!”
Jiang Ning is here!
He said he was ready to shoot, so he can definitely shoot today!
Seeing Huang Fang and a few people start to sort out props, and even play with the camera that had been kicked by him, Guo Sange’s expression changed.
He stared at Jiang Ning, and said fiercely, “Boy, you don’t know what to do?”
“I don’t know about this beach. If you want to make an advertisement, you have to ask my third brother Guo first?”
“do not know.”
Jiang Ning walked directly towards Brother Guo, “Since we broke our camera by kicking it, then use yours.”
“you wanna die!”
Brother Guo sneered. He had never seen such a lifeless person before. Seeing Jiang Ning approaching, he kicked out abruptly and kicked directly at Jiang Ning’s lower body, fierce and cruel!
But his foot, still half way, stopped abruptly, and immediately made a click, and the calf bone was broken!
Jiang Ning had the same kick, but it was much more domineering than that of Brother Guo, and kicked directly on Brother Guo’s calf.
Brother Guo gave a scream, and his whole body was crooked. Before he could react, Jiang Ning slapped him again and slapped him in the face fiercely.
Brother Guo flew out and rolled a few times on the ground, his mouth was full of sand.
“Bah! Bah!”
He spit out and screamed again and again, “Kill him! Kill him!”
As soon as the voice fell, the few people he had brought all rushed towards Jiangning.
But with a few muffled noises, on the beach, just like planting radishes, a person stands upside down in a pit!

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