Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 430

Lin Yu was really stunned, and immediately reacted, “Doesn’t it look good?”
Jiang Ning actually said that she was wearing a diving suit!
Is it too much package?
Where do you want to see this bastard!
“good looking,”
Jiang Ning walked up to Lin Yuzhen, condescending but couldn’t see anything, “My wife, I think it’s better. I’ll wait until I go home. You can show me that there are too many bad people out there. I don’t want them to see his wife’s good figure. .”
Seeing his serious appearance, Lin Yu really could only believe it.
“Then I change it back?”
“Well, let’s go to dinner and celebrate.”
Jiang Ning nodded, the fantasy in his heart was shattered.
If he knew that Lin Yu really bought a diving suit, he would really not look forward to it!
Lin Yuzhen has such a good figure, do you really think he doesn’t know it?
When sleeping at night, although the pajamas are loose, but can be retracted in his arms, Jiang Ning can feel it very clearly!
Seeing that Lin Yuzhen and Ye Qingwu had changed their clothes and returned, Jiang Ning took a few people and prepared to eat at the most famous Haisen Hotel in Jianzhou.
At that time.
Inside the Haisen Hotel!
Inside the box, there is a lot of crowds, glasses of wine and shadows, it’s really lively.
“Mr. Sun, you are really young and promising. In the future, the Sun family will be in your hands. In this southeast region, it’s up to your Sun family!”
“No, even though this is the test of Patriarch Sun to President Sun, but in my opinion, there is no problem at all. I will pass President Sun again!”
“As long as you occupy more than 50% of the market, Mr. Sun has completed the family assessment. I congratulate Mr. Sun in advance!”
Several people complimented one after another. Sun Ling, who was sitting in the upper position, just waved his hand with a humble expression on his face.
“Don’t praise me,”
Sun Ling squinted, “We haven’t done it yet, so celebrate now. If we fail, don’t we just slap in the face?”
He said so, but he knew in his heart that he failed?
He spent so much energy and money, there is no reason to fail.
As the only son of the Sun family, the Sun family will be handed over to him in the future. That is a certain thing, but the family gave this assessment and handed over a beauty company to himself. As long as the company’s market share can be within two years If it occupies more than 50% of the southeast area, this assessment will pass.
Now, two years are approaching, and the market share he controls has already reached 40%.
As long as the project goes well now, it will reach 50%, there is no problem at all!
“How could Mr. Sun fail?”
“If Mr. Sun fails, then no one in this southeast area will do it!”
Sun Ling was very comfortable listening, smiled and nodded, raised his glass, and touched everyone.
“Then, let’s borrow your good words, do it!”
“Boom boom boom——”
Just after drinking a cup, the door of the box rang, and immediately, a figure came in, walked quickly to Sun Ling’s ear, and whispered a few words.
Sun Ling’s face changed slightly, and his eyes became cold instantly.
“What are you eating? I can’t do anything about it! I can’t spare you guys if I postpone the press conference!”
He finished speaking in a low voice, his face recovered as before, turning his head to look at several guests, “You drink first, I have something to go out.”
“Mr. Sun is free.”
Sun Ling walked out of the box, at the end of the corridor, Brother Guo leaned on the wall, standing on one foot, in a panic.
“Young Master Sun!”
Seeing Sun Ling, Brother Guo hurriedly shouted, jumping over with one foot two steps, almost unable to stand still, and could only hold on to the wall and sneered.
“what happened?”
“Let you be in charge of this commercial shooting, no matter how the legs are interrupted!”
Sun Ling was furious. The shooting of this commercial was very important. The time was tight and the task was heavy. It was not a few days before the press conference. For this reason, he paid a lot of money to get a few expensive models.

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