Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 431

“Master Sun, I am not to blame,”
Brother Guo gritted his teeth and said, “I went to Qingsha Bay to take a shot and found a good location. I can definitely get the best results, but that location was robbed!”
If Huang Fang was here, he would definitely give Brother Guo a mouthful, and he had never seen a person like him making trouble.
Obviously they came to snatch others, and when they came here, they would be snatched by others and shameless.
“Yes, we set up the studio, the machines are set up, the set is ready, even the models put on makeup, changed clothes, and waited for the filming to begin. As a result, a group of people came up, and they couldn’t help but tell us. Hit it,”
Brother Guo looked indignant, and even more aggrieved, “We are not opponents, and we didn’t even keep the machine. Look at my leg, it was abruptly interrupted!”
“I said I was helping Sun Shao do things, but they… still cruel!”
Sun Ling was even more furious, “In Jianzhou, who would dare to ignore my Sun’s family like this!”
If the Yang family hadn’t been destroyed, then Yang Xiao was still there, and Sun Ling didn’t dare to say such a thing.
Everyone knows how terrible the Yang family is, not to mention the madwoman of Yang Xiao. Sun Ling dared to come back after hearing that Yang Xiao fell in love with her before.
But now, the Yang family is gone, and Yang Xiao and the Jianzhou Five Tigers are gone. This Jianzhou, his grandson family, is the top family in the row!
Even before, no one dared to ignore their Sun family like this. Today is good, but someone is riding on his Sun family’s neck. Is it true that Sun Ling is a bully?
“Who is it!”
Sun Ling shouted.
This project is related to his family assessment. In order to pass the assessment and get the position of the head of the house, he can do any means. In the past two years, he can reach 40% of the market share. He has done all the tricks.
“I don’t know, I saw a sign saying Lin’s…”
Brother Guo thought back, “I remember that boy’s badge, it seems to be Lin’s name.”
Sun Ling’s eyes shrank, “The Lin from Tianhai Provincial City!”
“It’s them!”
Sun Ling’s face suddenly sank.
To say that the opponent he is most worried about right now is the Lin family, who came from the layout of the Tianhai provincial city, and within a short period of time, he made a name in the southeast region.
Even, he heard that the Yang family still wanted to cooperate with the Lin family before. If the Yang family hadn’t been destroyed overnight, the Lin family might be even more arrogant now!
How did he know that the person who killed the Yang Family and the Jianzhou Five Tigers was Jiang Ning!
The son-in-law of the Lin family!
“Hehe, without the Yang family to support you, you still want to make waves in the southeast area?”
Sun Ling couldn’t help but sneered, “I originally planned to deal with you, now it seems that you really don’t know how to live or die, you are so anxious to die.
“Young Master Sun!”
Brother Guo suddenly yelled and pointed at several people at the elevator entrance. His face was suddenly gritted with anger, “It’s them! It’s those people!”
“The one who hit me was the man who took the lead! I can’t read it wrong!”
Sun Ling turned his head to see that Jiang Ning and others were coming out of the elevator and heading towards the hotel lobby.
He squinted, and his miniature eyes were full of disdain and chill.
Anyone who dares to stand in his way must pay the price!
“Is it them? Then I have to say hello!”

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