Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 433

“Mr. Lin?”
The people who came in scanned Ye Qingwu’s face. After looking for a while, his eyes flickered, and he recognized Ye Qingwu at a glance, and he cursed in his heart that the Lin family was really worthy of his blood. Qing Wu is here.
His eyes didn’t stop on Ye Qingwu, but he stared directly at Lin Yuzhen, “I didn’t expect to meet you here.”
Lin Yu was really baffled, she had no impression of Sun Ling in front of her.
Moreover, Sun Ling came in this way, which is completely disrespectful to her!
“who are you?”
Lin Yuzhen’s face was a little angry, “Come in like this, the future will be too unqualified.”
Sun Ling disagreed, and smiled faintly: “Mr. Lin is serious, he should come over and say hello when he sees an old friend, isn’t it right?
“It seems that President Lin does not remember me, but I am very impressed with President Lin!”
Sun Ling completely ignored the others, and his eyes changed on Lin Yuzhen and Ye Qingwu.
He wanted to deliberately deny Lin Yu’s face in front of outsiders, especially to let Ye Qingwu see that the company she chose to endorse did not even have the qualifications to speak equally in front of herself!
“I went to the exchange reception in the provincial capital back then,”
The smile on his face was with disdain and sarcasm, “I know more clearly that it was Yang Luolin, the young master of the Yang family, who deliberately arranged it when he wanted to get to know Mr. Lin. It’s a pity that the Yang family is gone now.”
His yin and yang look weird made Lin Yu really disgusted.
“Please go out.”
Lin Yuzhen directly ordered the chase.
But Sun Ling ignored it. He picked up the empty glass on the table and poured himself a glass of wine. He respectfully said, “Mr. Lin, don’t have to be angry. If the Yang family is gone, it’s gone. It’s not better. I heard Mr. Lin doesn’t. I like Yang Luolin, and I hate him too.”
“what do you want to say in the end?”
Lin Yu said impatiently.
“Hehe, it’s actually nothing, just come over and say hello to President Lin,”
Sun Ling poured himself a glass of wine, “I heard that Lin’s has a new product to be launched. It seems to be holding a press conference next week?”
“What a coincidence! I also have a new product in my hand, and it will be released. The time is, it happened to be the same day as yours, Mr. Lin. Did you say it was a coincidence?”
Lin Yuzhen’s face was already very ugly.
“We also shot an advertising video. Of course, the model you requested can’t be compared with this one, but the effect is not bad.”
Sun Ling ignored Lin Yuzhen’s expression and provocatively said, “I don’t know if the Lin Group’s products will die immediately after the two products are launched at the same time? Don’t be angry, President Lin.”
“Also, does Lin pay the endorsement fee for this young lady? If I can’t afford it, I can help.”
Sun Ling is here to provoke!
I also released a new product, but I chose to be on the same day as Lin’s, and also filmed an advertising video, still wanting to compare with Ye Qingwu?
Does the third-rate model he looked for have this qualification!
Lin Yu couldn’t bear it, and patted the table, “You are enough.”
“Not enough.”
Sun Ling laughed, seeing that Lin Yu was really angry, but he was even more happy, and said directly: “Mr. Lin, I just want to tell you that Lin wants to enter the southeast region and rely on your new products. There is no chance!”
“Without the Yang family to support you, you Lin family, you can’t hold on for a few months. In front of my Sun Ling, you are too weak.”
He shook his head, his face full of disdain.
To ruin the new product launch conference of the Lin Group, he has a hundred ways!
If he wants to attack the Lin Group, he starts by attacking Lin Yuzhen, who is the Lin Group!
“You said you attended the exchange reception in Tianhai Provincial City?”
Suddenly, Jiang Ning, who had not spoken, turned to look at Sun Ling, and then stood up, “Then you, do you know me?”

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