Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 437

Sun Ling always believed that when the Lin Group wanted to enter the southeast region, it was originally trying to draw on the power of the Yang family, but it was a pity that Yang Luolin’s short-lived ghost died and the Yang family was also destroyed.
He didn’t even know that if he didn’t go upstairs to open a room with someone that day, he wouldn’t provoke someone now, someone he wouldn’t dare to provoke in his entire life!
Soon, Sun Ling had a plan, and immediately beckoned, and Brother Guo jumped over with one foot and moved his ear to it.
“Do you understand? On both sides, we both started to make the Lin Group’s new product launch a joke!”
Brother Guo slapped his face, and a ruthless light flashed across his face, “Don’t worry, Sun Shao, I will break the son-in-law’s leg when the time comes and let him kneel in front of Sun Shao and bow his head to admit his mistake!
After speaking, he immediately left on crutches, and Sun Ling also started to act.
He made a phone call, and soon someone walked into the office.
“Mr. Sun.”
“Our press conference is on the same day and at the same time as the press conference of the Lin Group. Also, now we ask for the same location!”
Sun Lingsen said coldly, “All the media are sent out invitation letters, inviting them to the scene to watch the advertisements of the two new products at close range.”
Such open competition, if there is not enough confidence, it is likely to be humiliated.
If it can’t compare with the other party’s advertising, then in the first face-to-face, it will fall behind, which will cause a series of measures to fall behind the other party.
One step behind, one step behind, this is a taboo of commercial propaganda.
“Shao Shao…” his staff wanted to persuade him, but seeing that Sun Ling was so confident, he could only nod his head immediately: “Yes, I will arrange it right away!”
Sun Ling seems to have seen that the Lin Group made a big ugly at the press conference and the entire corporate image collapsed.
And his products, stepping on the launch of the new products of the Lin Group, swept the entire southeast region!
Now, it’s not just about reaching 50% of the market share and completing the family assessment.
He wants to ruin the layout of the Lin Group in the southeast, and even more so that Lin Yuzhen is ruined, and Jiang Ning kneels in front of him and kowtows to admit his mistake!
at the same time.
On the Lin Group’s side, the post-production of advertising is in full swing, and everything is going well.
Huang Fang invited everyone to have a meal, and everyone’s emotions also became high. They all wanted to work hard to do things well and live up to the true trust of Jiang Ning and Lin Yu.
“Yes, for this kind of effect, it is vital to keep the style of the whole picture unified and coordinated.”
When it came to his profession, Huang Fang was very confident, and quickly settled a plan.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
Suddenly, his cell phone rang, an unfamiliar number.
Huang Fang frowned and glanced at it. He didn’t want to pay attention, but the phone kept ringing.
He beckoned to signal other people to keep busy, and he walked to the entrance of the corridor and connected the phone.
“Hello. Who is this?”
“Mr. Huang, right?”
On the other end of the phone, a voice filled with laughter came, “I am from Sun Beauty Company. I have a business and I want to talk to Mr. Huang.”
Huang Fang wanted to hang up as soon as it heard that it was Sun’s family.
“Mr. Huang, don’t rush to hang up. You might as well listen to this business. If you find it uneconomical, you will have time to hang up.”
Huang Fang said, “What are you trying to say, what business?”
“One, twenty million business,”
On the other end of the phone, he smiled a little smugly. Hearing Huang Fang took a deep breath, he was even more confident, “One, a business that you won’t lose!”

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