Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 439

Huang Fang looked around cautiously and saw that no one was following. Then he took out a memory card from his pocket and handed it to that person.
“This is your original film in the camera. I have processed it for you. The effect is better than Lin’s!”
“What about Lin’s promotional video?”
“Following Mr. Sun’s request.”
“Very well, Mr. Huang, I thank you on behalf of Mr. Sun.”
When the man finished speaking, he slipped the storage card into his pocket, put on a cap, and quietly left the stairs.
Seeing his disappearance, Huang just let out a long breath.
He wiped the sweat off his forehead, feeling his legs still trembling.
Too nervous!
“Boom boom boom——”
The door of Jiangning’s room rang again.
Without waiting for his response this time, Huang Fang pushed the door directly in, and immediately closed the door.
“Brother Ning, I’m so nervous!”
“What are you nervous about.”
Jiang Ning poured a cup of tea, “Come on, take a sip of tea and be shocked.”
Huang Fang immediately sat there, picked up his teacup and drank, his throat guttered and slid up and down for a while.
“Someone took things away?”
“Take it away.”
Huang Fang took a deep breath, “They will definitely try it, but there will be no problems. The previous is normal. On the day I got the press conference, I decrypted it on the spot, and the real version will appear.”
He was still a little nervous.
Since receiving that call, Huang Fang has been in a panic.
From start to finish, he never thought about taking the twenty million.
Lin Group!
He didn’t know how much effort he had put in to join the Lin Group, and after he entered, he didn’t want to leave again.
How can the trust and respect of Lin’s father and daughter and Jiang Ning be exchanged for 20 million?
Besides, Jiangning’s money is far more generous than anyone else!
He quietly reported to Jiang Ning the first time. He didn’t expect Jiang Ning to continue to cooperate with the other party and do what they said, just a little movement.
Thinking of the publicity advertisement he made, Huang Fang’s legs still tremble now.
“Brother Ning, those twenty million…”
“Take it.”
Jiang Ning didn’t even raise his eyelids. “If someone else gave it, why don’t you just use it as the bonus this time, and watch it for your team.”
“Brother Xie Ning!”
Huang Fang was suddenly excited.
Twenty million, speaking of it, is still a lot!
He just received a bonus of more than one million, and now it is another 20 million. This is to reach the pinnacle of life and marry Bai Fumei.
“He also invited you to their company, are you going?”
“Don’t die!”
Huang Fang immediately shook his head, like a rattle, “Brother Ning, you can’t drive me away!”
Jiang Ning was amused for a while.
Seeing that Huang Fang was not even afraid of death and had to protect Lin’s equipment and machinery, he was sure that this kid was worth staying.
As for Sun Ling, he doesn’t even know how strong the sense of collective and honor can be for the current Lin Group employees.
Asking them to betray the Lin family is tantamount to asking them to betray their family!
“Okay, acting and acting, next time there will be an endorsement, I will consider letting you be the protagonist.”
When Huang Fang heard this, he became even more excited, and nodded repeatedly, “Ning, don’t worry, I have studied acting in college, so I’m waiting for this opportunity.”
After speaking, he immediately left the room and had to play his role.
Jiang Ning took a sip of tea, and the smile at the corner of his mouth was meaningful.
“This surnamed Sun must be looking forward to the press conference, right?”
“Well, I actually look forward to it more.”

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