Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 441

“But, I can take advantage of this good day to release it with Lin’s, and it’s good to see how our family’s sincerity is worse than Lin’s.”
“In this way, we can also reflect and think in order to make progress, friends, are you right?”
Sun Lingqian said.
The bottom clapped suddenly, and there was a burst of applause.
He looked up and saw that Lin Yuzhen was ready to let people play the promo, and immediately stretched out his hand to make everyone quiet.
“Everyone, be quiet, we must observe such a rare learning opportunity!”
The dozen or so executives standing behind Sun Ling all stood up, expressing their respect and importance to Lin’s family.
Everyone’s eyes fell on Lin Yuzhen!
“Everyone, our promotional advertisement will be broadcast for everyone soon.”
Lin Yuzhen still kept a smile on her face. Seeing everyone’s eyes focused on her, she was really a little nervous, but when she glanced at Jiang Ning, who was sitting quietly looking at her, she was not afraid of anything.
Seeing Lin Yu really nodded, Huang Fang immediately began to operate.
As soon as it was broadcast on the big screen, the screen went black!
After waiting for a while, there was still no response. Lin Yu really looked at Huang Fang, and Huang Fang just waved his hand again and again, with an anxious and helpless expression on his face.
there is a problem!
What’s wrong with their promotional video?
“what happened?”
“Why not? Your advertising, isn’t it just a black screen?”
“Fool us.”
Below, someone has started booing.
Such an important press conference can’t even do the most basic things. This Lin Group is a bit ridiculous.
In the crowd, chattering and talking soon became noisy.
Sun Ling, who was standing on the opposite side, couldn’t help but smile. Sure enough, there were no white flowers for 20 million!
It is impossible for the Lin Group to broadcast the advertisement because he has asked Huang Fang to delete it!
“what happened?”
Sun Ling showed a surprised expression, “Why is there something wrong with this advertisement of the Lin Group? A large company, shouldn’t it?”
“This can’t be released, how can we study?”
He sighed, shook his head again, and sighed again, “Why don’t you look at my house first?”
As long as your own publicity advertisements are released, you will be judged!
The Lin Group will be embarrassed to the entire southeast region!
“Okay! Look at Mr. Sun first!”
“I think the Lin family didn’t prepare any advertisements at all, nor did they invite celebrities. They were all gimmicks!”
“That’s cheating! Deceiving consumers!”
“Watch the promotional video of Mr. Sun!”
For a moment, everyone’s attention turned to Sun Ling’s side.
Now all the cameras have turned their directions directly, facing the big screen behind Sun Ling.
A few are still live broadcast, and live broadcast simultaneously to the Internet. Now that Sun Ling has the upper hand, the situation is completely different.
Just now, Sun Lingke also said, let the Lin Group play it first, so he can learn.
This is to give the opportunity to others first, and such a humble mentality is simply admirable!
Lin Yu was really anxious.
Seeing that there was a problem at the scene, everyone’s attention turned to Sun Ling’s side. She didn’t know what had happened. She hadn’t checked it several times, so how could something go wrong.
“Huang Fang, what is going on?”
She asked hurriedly.
“I think about it! I think about it!”
Huang Fang hurriedly said, “Mr. Lin, don’t worry, I will deal with it now!”
He immediately took out his computer, opened the lid, quickly started the program, and started a quick check.
On the opposite side, Sun Ling has already let people start letting go!
It was only the first shot, and people couldn’t help but scream, the angle of the viewfinder was really wonderful, almost instantly, it attracted people.
Sun Ling was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction and glanced at the screen contentedly, before turning his head to stare at Lin Yuzhen and the others.
Also deliberately spread his hands to express his sympathy.
Especially, seeing Lin Yuzhen’s anxious appearance made him feel even more happy.
Lin’s group is unfavorable, this is the headline of tomorrow’s news!
“The lens feels good, it handles well, and the fit between the model and the product is perfect, amazing!”
“After a lot of effort was spent in post-production, it can be seen that Sun is always really attentive, and he doesn’t even spare any effort to promote the advertisements, and give him a thumbs up!”
“The product is coming out soon, let’s take a look at the lines.”
A group of people nodded and praised.
With a look from Sun Ling, several reporters moved their cameras along the way, and this synchronized live broadcast was transmitted to the Internet almost at the same time.
On the other hand, Lin didn’t even release any advertisements. What kind of press conference is this?
Lin Yu was really anxious.
Continue like this. After Sun Ling’s release, even if the press conference is over, everyone will leave immediately, but Lin will fail.
She glanced at Jiang Ning, but Jiang Ning was still sitting there, casually, as if not worried at all.
Huang Fang’s fingers flicked quickly and looked up at Jiang Ning.
At this moment, Jiang Ning nodded.
He got the instructions right away!
“The wonderful part, here comes!”
Huang Fang laughed secretly, tapped his finger on Enter, and suddenly—
The screen on the opposite side changed in an instant, and the sound of lines came from the speaker, but…

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