Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 442

Almost instantly, the girls at the scene blushed one by one, hurriedly covering their eyes with both hands, screaming obscene!
And each of the men was taken aback for a moment, and then their Adam’s apple slipped, and they couldn’t believe that Sun Ling’s advertising was so explosive!
Even Sun Ling himself, as if struck by lightning, stayed there!
What the hell is this!
The pictures on the big screen are extremely obscene and shameless, and those red-faced movements are simply indescribable!
If you fucking put it in private, it’s a public place!
And there are a bunch of news media reporters, a bunch of audiences, not to mention, it’s live broadcast now!
At the same moment, at this moment, I don’t know how many people watching the live broadcast in front of the computer, almost spitting out their nosebleeds.
Can’t help but exclaim, Sun Ling, this company is so awesome, it has done such a great job advertising!
Even Lin Yuzhen glanced at the sound, turned his head hurriedly, his face blushed instantly.
Sun Ling is too shameless!
How can you broadcast such things in public? This is spreading bad information, which is already illegal.
“Turn it off! Turn it off for me!”
Sun Ling flushed and became furious. He would never have thought that the publicity advertisement would suddenly become this. Especially, in that indescribable picture, his product was placed on the face of the heroine’s ecstasy.
It is even more shocking!
It seems to be telling others that their products are designed to do these things.
Don’t get on the table!
“Turn it off for me! This is an accident. Don’t worry, this is an accident!”
Sun Ling really wanted to kill, how could such an accident happen? He checked the samples, and there is no problem.
At this moment, Huang Fang, who was under the control of the computer, almost yelled out excitedly. His fingers were beating quickly. Not only did the large screen on the opposite side not turn off, but the voice was even louder!
“Famous? Are you happy now?”
“This is a classic I have treasured for many years!”
Huang Fang raised his head and glanced. Jiang Ning was taken aback when he wanted to get a performance, and then he was shocked.
This Huang Fang is as unreliable as Brother Dog.
But it’s cool!
Seeing that the screen couldn’t be turned off, Sun Ling had to let people cut off the power directly, but now it was in chaos.
One by one, the girls yelled at Sun Ling and the gangsters, nasty, and insulted them!
“Report! Must report!”
“Such a vulgar product, you dare to release it, and you still say you want to go on the market?”
“This company is so nasty! Disgusting, I won’t buy your products until I die!”
“Boycott them, report them!”
Sun Ling was so angry that he wanted to yell at him, but he didn’t know who to swear. Everything was planned, how could it suddenly become like this.
He suddenly thought of something, Jiang Ning turned his head and looked at Huang Fang on the opposite side.
“Bastard! Damn you dare to play with me!”
Sun Ling Leiting was furious, he wanted to understand, Huang Fang must have moved his hands and feet.
Now where is this propaganda, this is my own sign!
Not to mention trampling the Lin Group to death, he will be finished by himself, let alone get 50% of the market share and complete the family assessment, maybe even the share he had hardly won before will soon be lost.
That’s it!
“court death!”
Sun Ling was really angry, and immediately greeted a few of his subordinates, and rushed directly to the opposite side.
“Huang Fang, you dare to fool me!”
He was furious, pointing at Huang Fang angrily, “I want your life! Hit me!”
Several subordinates rushed over immediately.
There were a few muffled noises, and then there was a scream, and the crowd suddenly dispersed. Several of Sun Ling’s men curled up on the ground, like prawns bowed.
Sun Ling’s face changed, and he gritted his teeth with anger.
“Do it?”
Jiang Ning stood in front of Huang Fang, looking at Sun Ling, “You try?”

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