Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 444

“It’s Ye Qingwu! It’s Ye Qingwu!”
“I said, it must be my goddess Ye Qingwu. Her songs are of this kind of temperament, so suitable!”
“Goddess, did you come today, right?”
The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became more lively.
Especially those crazy fans, can’t wait to rush into the backstage to see if Ye Qingwu is there.
“Don’t worry, everyone, Miss Ye Qingwu, we are here today too!”
Lin Yuzhen smiled and said, “Next, we will invite Miss Ye Qingwu to come on stage!”
With applause, all the shots were immediately aimed at the stage.
Ye Qingwu stepped out from the backstage, holding Lin’s latest product in his hand, wearing a white long skirt, fresh and refined, like a fairy, so beautiful that people can’t remove their eyes.
“You can be so beautiful too.”
She smiled and read an advertisement, which deepened the impression of the advertisement in everyone’s hearts.
“Hello everyone!”
Ye Qingwu waved and greeted everyone.
The fans below are almost crazy!
“Ah! It’s Ye Qingwu! It’s Ye Qingwu!”
Ye Qingwu was used to this kind of scene, waving his hand and smiling, it has become a professional habit.
She deliberately glanced at Jiang Ning, wanting to show Jiang Ning that she is still very influential, but Jiang Ning is still sitting there, the old god is there, the line of sight is not on her body at all, she has been looking at Lin Yuzhen.
“How obsessed is Yuzhen this guy?” Ye Qingwu was curious.
Soon, there will be various interactive links in order to deepen the audience’s impression of the product.
With Ye Qingwu’s help and cooperation, the effect was surprisingly good.
A variety of shots are constantly being shot, and the live broadcast is even more popular on the Internet!
The names of Ye Qingwu and Lin’s new product are almost tied together. When it comes to Ye Qingwu, some people say that they endorse Lin’s new product!
When it comes to new products, some people say, I know, it was Ye Qingwu’s endorsement!
Very successful, it can be said to have won!
After the press conference, Jiang Ning returned to the hotel with everyone.
Tired for a day, but everyone’s face is only excited!
“It’s done! It’s done! This effect is surprisingly good!”
Huang Fang’s face blushed and he was extremely excited, “Brother Ning, you haven’t read the posts on the Internet, it’s almost exploding! That bastard is famous!”
“What post?”
Huang Fang immediately turned it out and showed it to Jiang Ning, “Look at these two. One said that we are Lin, and the other said that Sun Ling is a bastard. Hahaha, I’m so ridiculous!”
Jiang Ning took a look at the phone.
Those who talk about Lin’s are all introducing this product, and they are highly appraising this press conference and advertising.
And speaking of Sun Ling, it means that he, who has no bottom line and no morality, has openly publicized such filthy things as advertisements in the public.
This is not only challenging the moral bottom line of the masses, but also corrupting the social atmosphere, and it is illegal!
It is recommended that all the audience present to report them, not to allow this kind of enterprise to survive in the society!
Too ruthless!
Murder and punish the heart!
Jiang Ning couldn’t help but put his thumb in front of Huang Fang.
“You are very promising, I am optimistic about you.”
“Brother Xie Ning!”
Huang Fang clasped his fists in both hands and shouted loudly, “I will live up to the trust and cultivation of Ning Ge. I am willing to develop for the Lin family and devote myself to death!”
This guy is a bit deep into the play.
Jiang Ning was too lazy to pay attention to him, waved his hand, and sent Huang Fang to arrange a celebration banquet.
And then.
Sun Ling, who saw the news headlines, grabbed the computer and threw it to the ground!
“Jiangning, I want you to die!”

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