Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 447

Sun Ling’s face was ugly.
I came to the position of Patriarch, but now I don’t know when to wait!
After spending so much time and energy, he is about to succeed soon, but what is the result?
One Jiang Ning ruined his plan!
Looking at the way Sun Qi is angry now, I’m afraid it’s useless to explain himself. Those who fail, the explanation is to cover up, but it will make him more disappointed.
Although, the position of the head of the Sun family will soon be in his own hands.
But Sun Ling was very unhappy, because his face was already swollen!
Even if he now gives him the position of Patriarch, he dare not ask for it, because it will be laughed to death.
Patriarch Sun, playing dirty movies in public? This is a stain that he will not be able to wash away in his entire life!
“What are you doing standing here? Go back and reflect on it!”
Seeing Sun Ling still standing in a daze, Sun Qi yelled, “I can’t bear even this test, it’s a shame!”
After speaking, he snorted and waved away.
Sun Ling didn’t speak, his face was so gloomy that it was dripping with water.
With a calm face, he returned to his room, snapped, and slammed the door shut!
“Jiangning, Lin Yuzhen, I want you to pay the price!”
No one has ever dared to embarrass him like this, even if it was Yang Luolin back then, he would not dare!
“Guo San, have everything been arranged?”
Sun Ling called the third brother Guo, “Remember, as much trouble as possible, let me make trouble. I want Lin Yuzhen and the Lin Group to be ruined!”
After hanging up the phone, he threw the phone aside, thinking about what else could be done.
What he wanted was not only to destroy Lin’s new product, but also to put them under his feet, and to make Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Ning both pay a painful price.
Provoked yourself, thinking you still want to leave Jianzhou safely?
At that time.
The Lin Group has entered the most intense and busy time.
Orders are hot, and online and offline consultation channels are full almost every day.
Not only are there channel vendors who come to ask for goods, there are other companies that come to seek cooperation and jointly develop new products, and many of them come from farther cities.
It can only be said that the news spread too quickly.
Lin Yu is really too busy to come.
“Well, just do it according to the plan. Remember, step by step, don’t be impatient. No matter what, quality is always our strict control.”
This is something Lin Yuzhen has emphasized many times.
Even if she doesn’t make money, she will never make black money.
Turning his head and glanced, Jiang Ning, who was sitting like an uncle, was the most relaxed of all.
Lin Yu really didn’t have any grievances, on the contrary, she was a little proud, but also a little proud.
“Hmph, I can make money to support you! Never let other women take you away!”
“My wife, the grapes are peeled for you. Eat some first?”
Jiang Ning looked up and saw Lin Yuzhen looking at him, his eyes seemed to be a little different from usual, and he didn’t know what this guy was thinking.
He picked up the fruit bowl in his hand, which was full of peeled grapes.
“Husband, you are so kind to me!”
Lin Yu really hurriedly walked over, with stars in both eyes. Jiang Ning didn’t care about eating for himself, but even peeled so much for himself.
“Sweet or not?”
“I do not believe.”
“Then you taste it?”
“I want you to taste grapes!”

The new product of Lin’s Group was launched on time the next day!
The major distributors have made preparations early, not only have sufficient supply of goods, but also recruited a lot of employees temporarily, fearing that the scene will be too hot.
But even so, as soon as the new product was launched, the people in line outside scared some dealers.
“Hundreds of people! Too scary, isn’t it?”
“The same goes for other stores, this is just skin care products!”
“Because I heard that the production capacity is insufficient, I didn’t buy it today. If I want to buy it next time, I will have to wait a long time. No one wants to!”
Not to mention, this was endorsed by Ye Qingwu, and the price was affordable and reasonable, and ordinary people could afford it. Buying a few more and keeping them at home would be no problem at all.
Some people can even be seen in the crowd, obviously scalpers.
Can even skin care products be fried?
“Don’t worry, everyone, buy in the order of the line. There are a lot of goods prepared today…”
The salesperson looked up at the people in line outside, and had to swallow the words that came to his lips.
Really may not be enough.
“Let’s let, let’s let!”
A few people jumped in and squeezed directly from the crowd, and suddenly there was dissatisfaction.
“How do you jump in the line?”
“Unhappy? You try one more sentence!”
The head of the man’s face immediately sank, and his face with scars was crippled when he looked at it, and no one dared to say anything at once.
“Give me ten copies! I need to invoice, otherwise how do I know if it is real, what if it is a fake?”
“Don’t worry, these are all purchased from Lin’s Group, through formal channels, and they all have Lin’s anti-counterfeiting marks. They are absolutely genuine.”
“Well, that’s fine, what I want is Lin’s genuine product, hurry up, get the goods, and issue the invoice!”
Not only Jianzhou, but the entire southeast region was on sale at the same time. The sales on the first day alone far exceeded Lin Yuzhen’s expectations.
Distributors are selling while contacting replenishment, fearing to miss this wave of enthusiasm.
In the streets and alleys, Ye Qingwu’s advertisements are constantly playing, and the transmission of consumer reputation has kept this new product hot.
There were a few stores that even sold out and wanted to replenish them, but Lin Yuzhen couldn’t send them out.
The factory is doing its best to produce, but the production capacity is still unable to keep up. After all, it is too hot!
This has become a phenomenal product this year!
Watching the news, Lin’s new products were so popular that Sun Ling had no expression on her face, as if she had no emotions, just staring at it.
Suddenly, he laughed, wickedly, and even a little crazy and gloating.
“Lin Yuzhen, Jiang Ning, you must be very happy now, right?”
“Surely you feel that you have a firm foothold in the Southeast, right?”
Sun Ling sneered, “If you don’t hold you high, you won’t know how much pain it will be if you fall!”
At this moment, it is the time when the new products of the Lin Group are the most popular. If there is any negative news, it will naturally be spread everywhere in the first time.
Sun Ling dialed the number, her voice was cold and deep: “You can do it!”
After hanging up the phone, he laughed wildly like a madman.
the next day.
In front of a store.
On one side, there was a crowd of people in line, and on the other side, the arch at the door was suddenly blasted by someone!
The huge sound scared a few girls and suddenly screamed.
“Ah… there is a problem with the goods in this store! There is a problem!”

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