Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 448

A man widened his eyes and his face was full of anger. He pulled the woman next to him and shouted, “My wife used their new product last night and her face broke this morning!”
The woman next to him, the whole face is swollen, there is even a place, has begun to fester, it is shocking to look at!
Many people saw it and felt sick.
That’s a human face!
Which woman doesn’t care for her face, she uses a skin care product, and it turns out to be like this, it’s too scary.
“Look at their product, there is a problem! The new product of the Lin Group is poison!”
“Look at my wife’s face, this is going to be disfigured!”
The man yelled, so scared that several people had just grabbed the goods in their hands, and he held them in his hands at the moment, as if they were holding a landmine.
“I’m not alive! I’m not alive! My face is ruined, you pay it! You pay me!”
The couple quickly got into trouble with the clerk, and the business couldn’t go on.
The people around were watching. Some people suspected other reasons, while others questioned. I’m afraid there is a real problem with this skin care product, and they all argued for a while.
“The profiteer! The profiteer returns the face of my child!”
Suddenly, another voice came.
A middle-aged man with a girl of seventeen or eighteen rushed into the crowd, grabbed the clerk, and slapped him severely.
“Look at what it has done to my child!”
“The child was clamoring for it. I waited in line for most of the day to buy it, but in the end you sell poisonous things to harm people!”
The man yelled and waved the goods and invoices he was holding. “Look at this store, everyone. The invoices are still there!”
Two came at once. Even if it happens by accident, it is impossible for one store to appear two at the same time, right?
Many people suddenly doubted this product.
The shop became a mess, and many people stopped queuing.
Can’t even guarantee the quality, who would dare to buy this thing?
The most important thing for a woman is her face. If her face is ruined, her life will be over!
The scene suddenly became noisy, and the person in charge of the store was almost crying, and they couldn’t do business if they were so engaged. Some people even shouted to return the goods and refund the money.
Someone called to complain and report!
“Calm down first! Please calm down first, I…Oh! Don’t fight! Don’t fight!”
The scene became chaotic, and the crowd suddenly did not know who made the move, and even more people started to fight directly, and the shelves fell down in rows!
At this moment, in the car not far away, Sun Ling laughed brazenly.
“Hahaha, this is just the beginning. After more than a dozen stores, this kind of quality problem has erupted. I see how you Lin’s explain it!”
If there are problems with the goods in more than a dozen stores, it will only show that there is a problem with Lin’s new product.
Who dares to use skin care products that can disfigure people?
It wasn’t the first time Sun Ling used this method, but this time he had spent his money on Lin Clan, just to make matters worse.
Once Lin’s new product is affixed with quality problems, these labels will be disfigured. Let alone want to sell it again, Lin’s desire to settle this matter can be solved not only by compensation.
“Fight with me? You are still too tender!”
Sun Ling squinted his eyes, knowing that things had fermented, and now it only takes time, and the entire southeast region will raise questions about Lin’s.
By that time, Lin Yu really couldn’t argue with them!

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