Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 45

The black dragon is back?
The first ruthless guy is back?
Huang Yuming dared to dispose of Heihu, that is Heilong’s younger brother!
Regardless of Huang Yuming’s current business is big, he is also somewhat famous in the underground circle, but he provokes the black dragon, if his life is gone, no matter how big the business is, what use is it.
For a time, the underground circle of Donghai City was surging!
Everyone is staring at Huang Yuming, some are gloating, and some sympathize with him. Everyone knows that even if Huang Yuming puts out 50 million and kneels down to beg the black dragon, he might have to lose half of his life!
Jinyu Restaurant.
Jiang Ning came over to pack two dishes and went back. Lin Wen liked to eat them.
Huang Yuming had been waiting at the Jinyu Restaurant early in the morning. Seeing Jiang Ning had arrived, he immediately ordered the chef to make on-site, and he invited Jiang Ning into the box.
“Sure enough, the black dragon is back.”
Huang Yuming took a deep breath, “He asked me to take out 50 million as compensation and kneel in front of him to make amends.”
He knew that Heilong’s words could only be heard in general.
Even if he kneels down and takes 50 million yuan to compensate, the black dragon will definitely destroy himself.
This ruthless man, when he was in the East China Sea, many people could only bow their heads. It was too cruel!
It was because of his elder brother that Heihu dared to run rampant in the underground circle of the East China Sea. No one dared to provoke him. This time, he was planted in Jiang Ning’s hands.
“50 million, I can’t take it out, it’s impossible to take it out,”
This was Jiang Ning’s hand. He took out the money to make a plea, not slapped Jiang Ning in the face, “Big Brother, this black dragon, how do we deal with it?”
“Let him come.”
Jiang Ning looked indifferent, “A bug, what are you nervous about.”
Huang Yuming smiled bitterly.
In front of Jiang Ning, the black dragon is just a bug, but in his opinion, the black dragon is not easy to provoke.
Not only is the black dragon’s fame but also a lot of trouble in the East China Sea. More importantly, the current black dragon has a certain position in the underground circle of the provincial capital.
With this move of the black dragon, the horror would even offend the provincial capital.
He knew that Jiang Ning was great, but how long had Jiang Ning been in the East China Sea, and it would be very troublesome to provoke such a powerful person at once.
“Lao Huang, in the past five years in the East China Sea, you have not earned less, have you?”
Jiang Ning suddenly asked.
Huang Yuming nodded: “Thanks to the care of Big Brother and Fei, I made a little bit.”
“I don’t have a problem with serious business making money, but there are some unclean things, you’d better throw them away for me.”
Huang Yuming’s heart beat suddenly.
Jiang Ning squinted his eyes, “I only reminded once that some money is hot, and it is easy to play with fire and self-immolate.”
On Huang Yuming’s forehead, there was a burst of cold sweat.
He secretly did some dirty business. He spent a long time in the underground circle. Some of the money was too easy to make. Although it was not clean, the money came quickly.
Even if he did something very concealed, Jiang Ning still knew it!
This is not a reminder, but a warning!
It suddenly occurred to him that Jiang Ning came to the East China Sea this time to clean up the entire underground circle in the East China Sea, and now it seems that even himself is included.
“Yes! Yes! Brother, I remembered, I will solve it right away!”
Huang Yuming said respectfully immediately.
Jiang Ning is giving him a chance, and he must seize it.
“Okay, ALFY said that your nature is not bad, so I give you this opportunity to cherish it.”
Jiang Ning got up, guessing that the dishes are already ready, “I’ll help you solve that bug, you do your own thing well.”
Huang Yuming said respectfully.
When Jiang Ning left with the vegetables, Huang Yuming felt that his back was wet with sweat.
Even if Jiang Ning didn’t say a word of cruelty, Huang Yuming could feel that anyone contaminated with dirty money would not end well!
Jiang Ning came to the East China Sea not only for Lin Yuzhen, but also for other purposes.
“You guys, immediately throw away those businesses from your hands, and donate all the money you exchanged to charity!”
Huang Yuming made a decisive decision, “Build a library and amusement park for Donghai City, donate it to schools and hospitals, do you understand it!”
“Brother, that would make a lot of losses.”
“Huh, still thinking about making money?”
Huang Yuming said angrily, “This kind of hot money shouldn’t be earned! I had a fever in my brain, are you still in my brain now! Do it now!”
Soon, there was another storm in the underground circle.

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